Innovation at the service of the ACDQ

The Association des chirurgiens-dentistes du Québec (ACDQ) is the professional association representing Quebec dentists and defending their professional, economic and social interests. It brings together more than 4,300 dentists working in nearly 2,000 dental clinics across Quebec.

It offers its members a range of services and tools to support them in their practice and clinic management.


Faced with a complex operational landscape, the Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec (ACDQ) was confronted with technological challenges, including data transmission between dental clinics and insurers, support call management, and the need to standardize data in a heterogeneous IT environment.

Complex data transfer

To transmit requests to insurers, dental clinics had to use the Net+ ACDQ network, which meant deploying an Intranet-type infrastructure with VPN in each clinic. This configuration entailed high support costs and significantly affected the performance of the dental clinics’ Internet connections.

Support call management

A large number of support calls were handled daily by an ACDQ call center.


In response to these challenges, the ACDQ undertook a project to modernize its infrastructure and improve the data exchange system between dental software and insurers. Solutions included :

Adjustment of the CCD service: The existing service was adjusted to enable data transfer via a REST API, offering a more efficient method while maintaining security.

Automated approval system: An automated transaction approval system was implemented, with validation and logging for accurate tracking. Each dentist had a unique access key to ensure security and traceability.


  • Analysis of alternatives
  •  Custom development integrated with existing software
  • Validation and intrusion testing protocol
  • Software implementation under a dedicated and controlled infrastructure

Success metrics

The concrete results of the implementation were as follows:

  • 100% of clinics were able to remove their VPN and router
  • The number of service calls dropped from 960 per month to 30, representing a 3200% increase in efficiency


“Thanks to our collaboration with Openmind, we have been able to transform our data transmission processes in an innovative way, simplifying operations for our members while significantly reducing our costs. It's a change that has had a significant impact on our organization.”

Eric Durez

IT Director

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