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The pilots employed by the Mid St-Lawrence Pilots Corporation are essential for ensuring the safety of shipping along the St. Lawrence and Saguenay Rivers. Serving as the initial and final boarding point for ships entering and exiting Canadian waters, their crucial role is paramount in maintaining navigational safety and upholding Canadian shipping standards.


Our client, a prominent maritime corporation, was facing challenges in effectively managing their pilots and associated processes. Manual operations, outdated systems, and a lack of integration were hindering their efficiency and overall performance. They sought a comprehensive solution to streamline pilot management, automate allowance calculations, and generate insightful reports for improved decision-making.

Despite having a legacy application in place, the Corporation faced significant challenges. The existing system was not only outdated and ineffective but also extremely limited, preventing CPSLC from adding new features or rules to meet their evolving needs.

This limitation highlighted the urgent requirement for a more sustainable and optimal solution that could address their current constraints and pave the way for future enhancements.


To meet the unique requirements of CPSLC’s operations, a modernized software solution was essential. Off-the-shelf software alone cannot fully accommodate the specific business rules needed.

With ever-evolving rules and the necessity for government audits, the software must possess flexibility and comprehensive documentation to ensure compliance and adaptability.


Our software rewriting service is tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers, including CPSLC. We prioritize important functionalities such as pilot management, an annual calendar and absence management system for assignment imports, automated calculation of allowances, efficient payment processing through Acomba, and comprehensive reporting capabilities for enhanced pilot sharing. With our service, we ensure that the software aligns precisely with CPSLC’s requirements, enabling them to optimize their operations effectively.


  • Time Savings: Reduced processing time for pilot scheduling data and decreased time required for importing and correcting pilot ship assignments.
  • Increased Efficiency: Elimination of downtime caused by manual data transfers and improved corporate responsiveness to last-minute changes in pilot schedules.
  • Error Reduction: Elimination of data transmission errors, improved quality of processed data, reduced data entry errors, and decreased risk of errors due to last-minute changes.
  • Traceability and Documentation: Enhanced traceability of modifications through a logging system documenting user action.

Explore Mid St-Lawrence Pilots Corporation’s Enhanced Operations Through Software Refactoring


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"Openmind was quick to understand our unique needs and the specifics of our software. The new system saves us considerable time and money, both in terms of managing our HR and our finances."

Jean-Denis Girard

General Manager and Corporate Secretary

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