Groupe Picard – the leading steel distributor

Groupe Picard, a leading supplier of metals for large-scale projects, meets the diverse needs of industries with unwavering dedication. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a decades-long commitment to excellence, the company has earned a reputation as a reliable partner in the steel and aluminum marketplace.

Benefitting from unrivaled purchasing power and state-of-the-art warehousing facilities, Groupe Picard possesses significant purchasing volume, granting them unparalleled access to high-quality metals. Strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers enable them to source a wide range of steel, aluminum, and other metals, ensuring an abundant inventory to meet the demands of even the most challenging projects. Moreover, their ultramodern warehouses are equipped to handle large quantities of materials efficiently and safely.


Groupe Picard faces challenges with their current system, which is hindered by outdated language and a limited pool of skilled individuals. The steep learning curve required for operational autonomy poses additional difficulties. Moreover, the absence of technical support personnel could lead to a complete halt in daily operations.

To make matters worse, some functionalities necessitate workarounds using external tools, such as writing and sending emails, opening PDFs, and creating barcodes. These limitations prompt the company to consider a system upgrade or alternative solutions for smoother and more efficient operations.

acier picard

For over 20 years, Groupe Picard has been a leading distributor of steel, aluminum and other metal products.


Groupe Picard embarks on a transformation journey with a software product modernization services. This strategic process involves a step-by-step overhaul of their ERP application, resulting in enhanced functionality, improved user experience, and compatibility with modern systems.

  • Complete rebuild of the application using software rewriting.
  • Utilization of a more common, up-to-date language.
  • Retaining the same functionalities as the current application while enabling the addition of more complex requests.
  • Implementation of real-time notifications, accessible via tablets for continuous order preparation and inventory management.
  • Integration of automation and potentially even deep learning for more complex calculations.
  • Development of a new interface to facilitate the onboarding of new employees, with explicit values and options, while retaining a design reminiscent of the old application.
  • Encouraging the use of the application on mobile and tablet devices.


  • More accessible training for new employees.
  • Access to a larger pool of developers due to the use of a common language, facilitating integration with various systems.
  • Customization of interfaces based on the medium being used.
  • Improved user experience, reflecting the evolution since the early days of V1.

This tech solution aims to revamp Picard Steel’s application, enhancing its capabilities, user experience, and compatibility with modern devices and systems.


Openmind offered advanced product modernization solutions for Groupe Picard: Our approach includes a thorough application rebuild using the latest technology, enabling real-time notifications, and seamless mobile integration. Enhance productivity, improve user experience, and unlock the full potential of your system with our innovative services.

Discover the Success of a Chaos-Free ERP Modernization with Acier Picard


Discover the Success of a Chaos-Free ERP Modernization with Acier Picard

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"Over the last few years, we have been very concerned about the end of life of our current system. We were quickly won over by the professionalism of Openmind, who were able to adapt to our reality and genuine business needs. From the beginning, their team listened attentively to create a software tailored to our specific context, rather than offering a pre-packaged solution that would require us to adjust all our processes"

Karine Picard

VP Finances and IT Manager

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