What is software refactoring and when should it be considered?

Is your core software tied to a single technical resource? Is your technology stack several years old?

It is not uncommon for an organization to use a custom software application that was developed using an older programming language. This can make it difficult to update or modify the application in the future, as it may require in-depth knowledge of the legacy language, its features and limitations.

Refactoring in software development might involves partial or the complete rewriting of an existing software, following modern development practices.

Through a meticulous process of rewriting, module by module, line by line, we will transition to a new technology stack. The result will deliver improved performance, increased mobility/portability, and heightened security, all while retaining the current functionality.

During this process, the software undergoes a complete transformation, adhering to current industry standards and best development practices.

The aim is to improve the application’s maintainability, scalability and efficiency, ensuring that it remains robust and adaptable to future needs.

Software & product modernization services enables a seamless transition to modern development methodologies, while preserving the core functionality of the original application.

When your app reaches a point where it can no longer evolve, lacks technical support, and its programming language is no longer widely learned, software rewriting becomes essential.

Software modernization plays a vital role in minimizing downtime, thereby helping businesses avoid substantial financial losses.

Don’t know where to start with software modernization?

Our unique roadmap is designed to not only enhance your application’s scalability, and efficiency but also preserve your competitive edge, ensuring its adaptability for what lies ahead.

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Why Legacy Recoding?

Ignite innovation, boost your competitive advantage and propel your custom development efforts to new heights with our unique application recoding method. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge languages, we breathe new life into your software, revolutionizing your business for unparalleled success.

From a cost-effective standpoint, we’ll prioritize a state-of-the-art development environment in terms of language and database to guarantee the future evolution of your system.

Our way of doing things in product


Gradual deployment by iteration to guarantee success


Integration of people before lines of code


Documentation of all business rules


We replicate first, then we optimize

No big bang, no data freeze, no business downtime.

What sets us apart?

Imagine your software modernization process as a new building under construction. Each floor represents a deployment milestone, showcasing progress and incremental improvements.

With progressive rewriting towards a new technology stack, we gradually reengineer each floor, ensuring a solid foundation and seamless integration with real-time synchronized production data. This iterative approach allows for frequent and granular deployments, resulting in a robust and modernized software system.

With our progressive modernization process, your company can enjoy a gradual system delivery, allowing you to approve each module at your own pace.

At the end, we embrace a floor-by-floor approach, gradually introducing users to new modules. Thorough validations are conducted, and everyone seamlessly migrates to the new module while decommissioning the old one. This approach empowers customers to add innovation and new features at each floor, ensuring a smooth transition, minimizing disruption, and facilitating the successful adoption of the updated system.

We are providing more than guidance; we support you in each phase from an old-fashioned product A to refactored product B.

Revitalize your application through refactoring and recoding, unleashing the full potential of your software assets for long-term benefits. Prepare the future of your application and your business to ensure its relevance and value for years to come.

Embracing an app modernization strategy

Software rewriting is a strategic move that breathes new life into your application. By embracing this process, you empower your app to adapt to emerging technologies, tap into support resources, and maintain relevance in the dynamic digital landscape.

By adopting a legacy application modernization strategy, you open the doors of your operations to the exploitation of the latest technological advances, including the ability to leverage new avenues such as mobile portability and upgraded security.

Don’t settle for outdated software. We modernize without chaos and then optimize. Simple as that.


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