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Meet Armature Bois Franc, a prominent company with operations in Victoriaville and Châteauguay, Quebec, specializing in the manufacturing and installation of reinforcing steel, commonly known as rebar. With a steadfast team of 500 skilled professionals and an impressive annual production capacity exceeding 85,000 metric tons, Armature Bois Franc has firmly established itself as a key player in the construction industry.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, the company caters to diverse sectors within the construction realm, ensuring that every project, regardless of its magnitude, is completed with the highest quality standards and unwavering adherence to deadlines.


Armature Bois Franc identified the need to optimize their processes due to several challenges affecting both site operations and administration. On the site side, they sought automation for confirmation of delivery notes, foreman reports tracking steel deliveries and installations, and integration with Maestro Mobile * for payroll purposes. Additionally, the company aimed to automate site memos to facilitate quicker billing for project extras.

In the administrative aspect, they desired to grant specific personnel the ability to edit reports in case of foreman errors and automate data transfer to Excalibur. Although some PowerBi requirements were initially outlined, further refinement was necessary to align them with the business strategy.

* maestro is a technological tool that helps construction contractors consolidate and manage all their business activities.

Challenges Faced by Armature Bois Franc
  • Inefficiency among foremen
  • Data inaccuracies and errors
  • Delayed invoicing for memos
  • Excessive reliance on manual tasks with minimal value-add
  • The occurrence of lost memos led to direct financial losses for the company
  • Low foreman attendance, impacting operations


armature bois-francs

Proposed Solution

To address the identified challenges and achieve the set objectives, Openmind implemented a comprehensive solution that streamlined processes and maximized efficiency for Armature Bois Franc.

The key solutions and their corresponding benefits are as follows:

Digitization of Delivery Notes:

  • Minimized errors and omissions on worksites.
  • Enhanced data accuracy for more reliable operations.
  • Accelerated data entry time, saving valuable resources.

Automation of Reporting Procedures:

  • Drastically reduced time required to complete reports.
  • Improved overall efficiency in tracking steel deliveries, installations, and stock.
  • Enabled seamless integration with Maestro Mobile for efficient payroll management.

Automated Site Memos and Letters:

  • Expedited invoicing process for project extras, leading to faster revenue realization.
  • Reduced losses by promptly addressing and billing for additional services.

By successfully implementing these solutions, Armature Bois Franc witnessed a remarkable transformation in their operations. The digitalization of delivery notes and streamlined reporting processes led to improved accuracy, minimized errors, and faster data processing. As a result, valuable time and resources were saved, enabling the workforce to focus on more productive tasks.

The Results

  • 46 out of 65 construction sites adopted the new PowerApps solutions, indicating a 70.8% adoption rate.
  • Armature Bois Franc invested in 100 tablets for foremen in Quebec and Ontario, demonstrating their commitment to enhanced productivity and digital solutions.

Reinforced Steel Success Story

Discover how Openmind Technologies digitally transformed a manufacturer through interconnected software systems.


"We now operate with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. The high adoption rate among our sites speaks volumes about the system's success. We are extremely satisfied with the outcome and are committed to embracing further advancements in technology with Openmind as our trusted partner."

Éric Nadeau

VP Construction

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