ASD Promo: The Partner in Promotional Excellence

Agences Sportives Desrochers (ASD Promo) is a customer-focused company that specializes in providing personalized promotional product services for businesses. With over 25 years of sales experience and a strong reputation as a renowned supplier in the retail industry, ASD Promo offers a diverse catalog of promotional items that can be customized with logos or brand messages.

The company has been recognized for its excellence in the field, including being named Distributor of the Year for Eastern Canada and receiving the prestigious Image Award. Serving sports teams, schools, companies, and organizations, ASD Promo is dedicated to surpassing customers’ expectations by offering competitive pricing and ensuring timely delivery.
The company’s primary objective is to ensure customer satisfaction, and it takes pride in its unique approach to meeting every client’s needs.


The customer faces the challenge of processing a high volume of invoices received via email on a daily basis. Currently, the invoices are handled manually, where each email is printed, and the supplier invoice fields are manually entered into the Acomba tool. Accounting clerks manually create customer invoices in Acomba, calculating and adding management fees separately. Finally, the customer invoices are manually sent to the customers via email. This entire manual process consumes approximately 5 minutes per invoice.


To address these challenges, ASD Promo partnered with our brand to develop a web application capable of seamlessly interfacing with Outlook and Acomba. The key objective was to automate the invoice handling process and eliminate manual interventions.

Our team designed a robust web application that intelligently detects incoming emails containing invoices. Leveraging advanced algorithms and data extraction techniques, the application efficiently archives the invoices and extracts relevant information such as invoice details, line items, and billing amounts. This automated extraction process ensures accuracy and reduces the risk of manual errors.

The extracted data is then seamlessly integrated into the Acomba tool, generating the necessary accounting entries with precise calculations of management fees. This integration eliminates the need for manual calculations and minimizes the chances of discrepancies.


Acomba: Our team has crafted a middleware, establishing flawless connectivity to Acomba—an on-prem accounting software accessible via SDK or Odata. Countless companies have entrusted Acomba for their accounting necessities, and our cutting-edge integration solution ensures seamless data exchange and streamlined operations.

Windows Server: This is used for hosting the accounting software, providing a robust and secure environment.

Outlook: It serves as the email service and plays a significant role as the starting and ending point in the invoicing process. It also allows for the setup of a dedicated billing address.

Microsoft .NET: This framework is the primary technology utilized in the software development process. It is compatible with the software being used and incorporates Pupperteer Sharp for PDF handling and an iText Pdf2Data license for data extraction from PDFs. Additionally, invoice PDFs are uploaded to SharePoint.


The implementation of our web application revolutionized ASD Promo’s invoice processing system. The benefits achieved include:

Increased Efficiency: The automated handling of invoices significantly reduced manual effort and processing time. What previously took approximately 5 minutes per invoice can now be completed swiftly, freeing up valuable time for other critical tasks.

Enhanced Accuracy: By eliminating manual data entry and calculations, the application ensures greater accuracy and minimizes the risk of errors in invoice processing and customer invoicing.

Improved Productivity: The streamlined workflow and reduced manual interventions empower the accounting clerks to focus on more value-added activities, leading to improved overall productivity within the organization.

Customer Satisfaction: The automated customer invoice delivery process ensures prompt and error-free invoicing, enhancing the customer experience and fostering stronger relationships.




"The transformation has been remarkable. What used to require the workload of 2 1/2 full-time employees have now been condensed into just 1 hour per working day. With quick and easy invoice processing, we've redefined efficiency."

Chantal Jourdain

Financial Controller

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