IT governance risk and compliance

Many industries and regions have specific regulations and standards related to data privacy and security, such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or Quebec’s Bill 25 for an example. IT security governance helps organizations navigate these complex requirements by implementing appropriate security measures, conducting regular audits, and ensuring compliance with legal and industry-specific obligations.

Take proactive steps towards regulatory compliance without delay.

Data breaches and cybersecurity incidents

IT security governance addresses the challenge of data breaches and cybersecurity incidents by implementing a range of measures. This begins with a thorough risk assessment to identify vulnerabilities and threats. Policies and procedures are established to define security expectations and guidelines, including access control, network security, and incident response plans.

Security controls such as firewalls, encryption, and regular updates are put in place. In the event of an incident, a well-defined response plan outlines containment, communication, investigation, and recovery. Continuous monitoring, assessment, and improvement ensure ongoing security.

A partnership built on trust

Openmind can play the role of a virtual Chief of Information (vCIO), providing IT security governance and evolution planning. We offer comprehensive services ranging from the management of ticketing systems to the implementation of secure network infrastructures. Our commitment is to foster close collaboration and a strong partnership philosophy between our teams and yours.

That’s why, from an IT governance standpoint, we place a high priority on conducting ongoing evaluations and implementing improvements to your IT systems. By continuously assessing the performance, security, and efficiency of your infrastructure, we ensure that it aligns with your evolving business needs and industry standards.

By leveraging our expertise, we aim to help your organization achieve optimal IT security, while ensuring a collaborative and productive working relationship.

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