Openmind Ranks in Canada’s Growth 500 for the 3rd Year Running!


We are extremely proud to announce that, for the third year in a row, Openmind Technologies has ranked in the prestigious Canada’s Growth 500, the annual ranking of companies with the greatest economic growth in Canada.

Success Driven by Passion and Inclusion

This accomplishment would not have been possible without the dedication of the whole Openmind Technologies team, which is driven every day by the passion to improve and provide the very best to the company’s partners. Openmind Technologies has been brilliantly meeting its growth objectives year after year. The key to success? Approachable, collaborative and transparent management with all stakeholders, where pleasure is the name of the game.

Openmind’s long-term objectives and vision are often presented to the full team so that everyone can easily understand how their efforts drive the company’s success.

– Jonathan Léveillé | CEO & Founder of Openmind Technologies

The Quebec-based company, which has worked in the IT sector for over 14 years, now has over 55 seasoned employees. Openmind Technologies is still growing fast – fast with a capital F! – and is setting its sights high, while remaining the most people-friendly company out there, where team members can grow while having fun.

A centralized experience

Everything in its place, and everything in the same place. Openmind Technologies also embodies the simplicity of finding all of your technology solutions under the same roof. Whether for your large-scale technology projects, your custom software or the complete management of your IT infrastructure, Openmind Technologies is working with over 140 innovative companies to:

  • Support them in their growth
  • Guide them to address a workforce shortage
  • Enable them to gain a competitive advantage using technology

As a leading technology partner, Openmind Technologies also works on research and development projects as a part of its product incubator (OpenLab), with the objective of selling its business-focused products internationally. They aim to make it easy to integrate IT products in workplace, providing a useful and simplified experience for all users.

Highlights on Canada’s economic growth and the Canada’s Growth 500 prize

  • This year, Canada has maintained 2.1% economic growth, thanks to hard-working Canadian companies, which drive our economy (source).
  • Companies today need to be agile and attract qualified talent if they want to survive in this constantly changing environment (source).
  • Did you know? Only 19% of Canadian companies are digitally advanced in their operations (source)
  • For the first time since Canada’s Growth 500 was started, all of the companies on the list exceeded 100% growth
  • 90 companies in the ranking are from Quebec
  • 28% of the finalists are considered to be social enterprises (social initiatives/ community economic benefits/ support of charitable organizations)