A Billion Dollar Company, With a Start-up Culture

billion dollar company start-up culture

Openmind Technologies makes no secret that its BHAG (“big hairy audacious goal”) is to continue its hypergrowth while maintaining its “startup” company culture.

“Why a big hairy goal? Because doing things differently from everyone else truly is our trademark.” 

To eat an elephant, you have to go one bite at a time

Anyone who knows our President Jonathan Léveillé has heard him say this at least once.

Even if you haven’t actually eaten an elephant, the meaning is still clear: this is exactly how Openmind built up its reputation.

We set out to grow X5 IN 5 YEARS! Yes, several people choked on their coffee when they heard this, but if you’ve seen the numerous awards we’ve gotten over the past year, we’ve clearly made it happen. We can proudly state that we’ve been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada, ever since 2017.

Our distinctions

With this explosive growth, we’re most proud of the fact that we’ve made a difference in our partners’ lives.

« The technology of tomorrow’s companies is forged in such a way that lets people get back to the tasks that motivate and excite them. »
We can therefore say that our strong growth has enabled us to definitively help more companies, and thus make a difference in more peoples’ lives.

The most people-friendly technology company in the world!

You know when we said “dream big,” we really meant it.

Our company culture is important to us—a priority, even. It’s true, just think about it! Who wants to spend their days chasing a big hairy goal if it’s not fun?  We’ll tell it like it is: our explosive growth has allowed us to build this culture, by way of our craziest ideas. But it’s more than that.

The word “startup” has the word UP in it! And we’re always looking to raise the bar.  

In addition to having a leader with his values in the right place and who was certified a good boss, we actively invest in providing a family-like work environment for our team members. This was evidenced by our ranking in the prestigious Great Place to Work list, which has recognized us as one of the best places to work in Canada since 2018.

A new little addition this year: Openmind received Flow certification, which officially recognizes the fact that our company provides a flexible work environment for our team members, such as optional remote working, flexible hours, etc. The certification attests to our commitment to ensuring a good work-life balance.

Speaking of raising the bar, we invest a lot in the development of our team members, because we feel it’s important to support them in their personal and professional growth. In fact, we were just awarded the top prize at the prestigious Les Mercuriades gala for Workforce Training and Development. Concretely, this means that all of our team members benefit from a personalized, adaptable training plan to make sure they meet their personal goals and are heading in the direction they set for themselves. The award definitely confirms that we’re heading in the right direction too. ?

All of these awards have helped us realize that company culture is like a garden. You need to look after it, water it, and above all, invest time and love in it…