A Quebec SME Takes on the Rust Belt States

Openmind Technologies sets out to conquer the American Rust Belt. Many thanks to François Normand, for this interview with our CEO, Jonathan Léveillé, and for highlighting our story in the newspaper Les Affaires.

The rust belt states

Openmind Tech has recently chosen to focus on expanding into the U.S. market by targeting Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. These states, located in the ‘Rust Belt’, offer substantial opportunities for industrial modernization. With our presence in Pittsburgh, we are poised to provide our expertise in technology solutions across these strategic states.”



Target metal fabricators in key states

We also plan to hire a U.S. sales manager to solicit potential customers, particularly metal fabricators. According to Jonathan Léveillé, CEO of Openmind Technologies, these states were selected after extensive market research for their strong modernization potential and competitive business environment.

Moving forward

With our office in Pittsburgh, we are able to offer our expertise in technology solutions in the strategic states of Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Openmind is more than motivated to target the “rust belt” states to automate, innovate and modernize local manufacturing companies.