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Automating Your Business Processes: A Solution to Labour Shortage and Revenue Optimization

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We hear a lot about labour shortage issues in Quebec. What business manager does not feel concerned by this reality that has become a problem directly related to the growth of an organization.

The numbers speak for themselves:


Increase in job vacancies in Canada in 2017


Jobs with an average salary of $20.10 are vacant in Quebec.

Statistics Canada

Increase in vacancies in Quebec in 2017

For these reasons, companies are unfortunately forced to slow down their activities or simply postpone their investment projects until tomorrow. What if it were possible to maximize the organization’s productivity while reducing the need for manpower? No business manager would turn a blind eye to this possibility.

Process automation: a solution?

Indeed, the implementation of automation processes becomes a profitable solution for a company that wishes to maximize the technological potential within its business procedures. This type of mechanism aims to convert tasks produced by an individual by automating processes in order to simplify the daily processes of an organization’s activities.

It is possible to optimize the efficiency of certain processes by juxtaposing important data involved in achieving the objectives of the various departments of a company:

  • Administration, accounting and finance (Invoicing and data entry assistance);
  • IT and telecommunications (Telephone system, chatbot);
  • Purchasing (Inventory Management);
  • Human Resources (Payroll, timesheets);
  • Production (order processing, production planning);
  • Transport and logistics (Monitoring and planning of deliveries);
  • Sales (Inventory management, prospecting follow-up).

The advantages are numerous

A management oriented towards the automation of its processes allows to generate revenues that were previously lost due to the time spent on individual workloads. In addition, improvements are reported that are directly related to a company’s performance:

  • Reduction of the margin of error;
  • Decrease in payroll costs;
  • Increase in production.

Concrete case of a profitable investment:      

Type of business: Manufacturing

Setting the scene: Involved in the manufacturing and assembly of products intended for the construction of steel structures, Boulons Plus must comply with the standards required by the construction industry in Quebec and Ontario. For its customers to use its products, Boulons Plus must provide them with an assembly certification generated by a quality control process through “milltests”.

This process has a direct impact on Boulons Plus production and customer satisfaction.

System in place: Manual steps in the assembly certification process

Openmind Expertise: Development of assembly certificate automation

Results: 4096% increase in efficiency

Customer appreciation:

  • Considerable gain in time and money;
  • Better fluidity in operational management;
  • Competitive Advantage;
  • Improving the customer experience.
"The process that took us 3 to 4 days at the time, is now managed in 15 minutes without human intervention".
Patrice Rochon, Director of Operations

Aside from the performance and efficiency aspects, Boulons Plus understood the importance of integrating an automation process mainly for these two reasons:

To impose a simple but essential task on qualified personnel, unfortunately not attributable to unqualified personnel. This implementation allowed it to maximize the use of the know-how for which its qualified personnel were hired.

The importance of the company’s reputation in the industry: a direct influence on its sales. The efficiency of its service has been a major factor in ensuring Boulons Plus’ customer loyalty.

When growth comes through performance

For each of the mandates entrusted to us, we realize to what extent the implementation of an automation process generates quantifiable and qualifying results that facilitate the achievement of our clients’ growth objectives.

All in all, in a business reality where competition is increasingly imposing, fixed costs are constantly increasing and the acquisition of qualified personnel has become a rare commodity, the automation of management processes becomes an essential tool for a company’s growth potential, because in business, time is money.

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