Navigating data complexity

In today’s data-driven business landscape, organizations often face hurdles when it comes to gathering relevant, reliable data from a variety of sources. With data scattered across different systems and departments (orders, inventory, purchases, sales, transactions and so on), consolidating and integrating this information becomes a complex task. The outcome is clear: decision-makers don’t always have access to the full picture, preventing them from making timely, well-informed decisions.

Without accurate and comprehensive data, businesses risk basing their strategies on incomplete or outdated information, potentially leading to missed opportunities or misguided choices.

Overcoming these obstacles requires effective data management strategies, including data integration, standardization, and governance, to ensure that decision-makers have access to the right information at the right time.

What if your data could provide guidance to make a strategic decision?

Similar to anticipating the weather, predictive analytics in business intelligence allows you to forecast future outcomes. By moving beyond descriptive analysis, business intelligence empowers you to achieve predictive insights, with the ultimate goal of maximizing your profitability.

For instance, the predictive capabilities of our business intelligence and analysis tools can provide you with precise solutions to optimize your inventory levels for maximum profitability. While conventional software often offers short-term insights, our business intelligence allows for a longer-term perspective, spanning up to twelve months, for example.

Taking the first step is crucial. Operational transparency is a top priority for almost 50% of manufacturing companies, with a strong focus on connectivity and data visualization. Additionally, over one-third of companies are emphasizing the use of predictive analytics to enhance forecasting and planning capabilities.

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Why Predictive Analytics? Stop Guessing, Start Knowing

Embrace data-driven decision making (DDDM) to make strategic organizational choices based on your actual data, surpassing reliance on intuition or stand-alone observations.

How do we do it?

With our revisited method of business intelligence, which must :

Generate a sustainable return on investment

Show us the past but also predict the future

Generate value continuously to be efficient

Complex operations deserve simplified data solutions

Consider the example of optimizing merchandise within a manufacturing company, where an operations manager utilizes predictive data for informed production planning. Through the analysis of historical production data, customer demand patterns, and other relevant factors, predictive analytics models forecast future demand and production requirements. This equips the operations manager to anticipate demand fluctuations, optimize resource allocation, and make real-time adjustments to production schedules.

With this predictive insight, informed decisions on inventory levels, manpower planning, and machine utilization can be made, driving efficient operations, cost reduction, and effective customer response.

From predictive to prescriptive analysis for valuable insights

Unlock the power of business intelligence and analytics with Openmind Technologies’ PREDICTIVE DATA team. Consolidate data from multiple systems and leverage our Power BI expertise to gain valuable insights.

With our comprehensive business intelligence capabilities, generate highly relevant dashboards to improve efficiency, increase accountability, and ensure greater transparency throughout your organization.

Make informed decisions and optimize performance with predictive analytics.

For the first time, see your data in a visually impactful way and start making better decisions.

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