PODCAST – Introduction to Bill 25 and the Notion of the Right to Be Forgotten: What You Need to Know

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Explore the fundamentals of Bill 25 and the concept of the ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ in this introductory guide. We’ll uncover the essential aspects of this legislation and shed light on the evolving notion of the ‘Right to Be Forgotten.’ Discover what you need to know to navigate this complex terrain of data privacy and individual rights.

Bill 25 (1/4) – In this episode, discover Bill 25 and explore the fascinating notion of the right to be forgotten, to better understand its impact on our digital lives with Me Jean-François Latreille, lawyer and senior partner at Dubé Latreille Avocats.

The audio for this episode is rolling in French.


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Host & Guest

Jonathan Léveillé


Openmind Tech

Jean-François Latreille, CD

Lawyer, Senior Partner

Dubé Latreille Avocats

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