7 Reasons Why a Company Needs Custom Programming 


We all know that in business, efficiency and profitability are truly inseparable. The resources and time required to accomplish a task are indeed two elements directly related to the results of a company.  Improving certain processes by eliminating redundant tasks becomes essential for a company to maximize its profitability.

In fact, it is possible to achieve these improvements through custom programming. When a client entrusts us with a custom programming software mandate, it is because he has recognized (implicitly or explicitly) that he is experiencing one or more of the 7 problems caused using generic software solutions.

Your company needs to use several software to perform a single task

Due to their very generalist nature, commercial software is often very limited in terms of specialized functionality. Moreover, in most cases, they are not perfectly adapted to meet the specific needs of the company. This reality forces a company to involve several different software packages to handle all its operations.

Thanks to custom programming, a single perfectly integrated software could be used to meet your needs in an efficient and optimal manner. 


The analysis of your data is done manually

For tracking inventories, sales reports or other types of important information needed for decision making, Excel spreadsheets can often meet your basic needs.  However, this approach imposes an additional workload and implies a high risk of errors because human manipulation is often required to obtain the desired information.


Your workload involves repetitive and boring tasks

Recurring (and often boring) tasks such as payroll, inventory, invoicing are good examples that require manual processing. Once again, due to the repetitive nature of these tasks, human error could very well creep in at any stage of the process, jeopardizing the smooth running of the process.

With custom programming software, it is possible to partially or completely automate certain processes, allowing your company to gain in productivity. Discover the success story of Metautek


Your software cannot evolve at the same pace as your business.

Flexibility is the key to the success of modern companies. Depending on the natural cycles of growth and economic downturn, a company must continually adjust to the factors that influence its profitability. However, commercial software is often known to be limiting and quickly lose its ability to keep up with business growth.

Custom programming is precisely designed to evolve according to the growth rate of your needs and requirements. In fact, it is possible to adjust the software by adding or removing specifically designed modules, according to present and future needs, quickly and efficiently. 

Don’t know where to start with custom programming?

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You are constantly looking for software that is better adapted to your needs.

There are a multitude of commercial software products designed to meet specific tasks.  However, while some are poorly adapted to the reality of your needs, others, on the contrary, will offer a multitude of functionalities that you do not need and that will, in the end, simply make their use more complex.

Opting for custom programming means making sure you have software that meets your specific needs, no more and no less. 


You wish to reduce your stationery costs

More and more companies are moving towards a paperless environment, both for environmental reasons and to reduce their expenses. However, without the use of the right tools, it becomes difficult for a company to achieve this goal.

Invariably, a customized software solution, oriented towards process automation, can help you achieve this goal. With its primary mission to abolish recurring tasks, which often require paper at some point in time, a customized solution can help you significantly reduce your paper expenses.


Your software is now obsolete

Software is, without a doubt, a major expense for a company and therefore many extend the use of software that has become obsolete compared to modern standards. But beware! Exploiting obsolete software can make your business vulnerable. By the absence of important updates, it is important to note that critical data can be compromised.  In addition, it is possible that your company acquires new technologies and that your software is unable to communicate effectively with them, due to its now obsolete nature.

Custom programming software: expense or investment?

It is true that most people who store for a technological solution postpone the option of acquiring custom software because of the initial cost.  In the short term, the acquisition of custom software does indeed give reason to this impression.

Not only do the improvements that custom programming software brings to a company, such as the consolidation of several steps into a single integrated process and the streamlining of certain tasks, promote better productivity. In addition, with the addition of unique functionalities specifically dedicated to the reality of your business, the involvement of a custom programming software allows you to achieve a competitive advantage that no commercial software can give you.

In the end, the investment is largely profitable in the medium and long term.


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