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As a reputable creator, importer, and distributor of bedding and decorative accessories, Brunelli’s mission revolves around bringing happiness to people’s lives. They take immense pride in offering products that enable customers to express their unique personality through the design of their cozy nests.

Headquartered in Quebec, the company specializes in crafting exquisite quilts and duvet covers, along with an extensive range of household linen, such as throws, decorative cushions, curtains, tablecloths, and more. Brunelli is passionate about enhancing the ambiance of homes and adding a touch of warmth and comfort to every space. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Brunelli remains a top choice for those seeking outstanding bedroom and home decor solutions. Their inspiring stories and experiences reflect the profound impact Brunelli has had on turning houses into homes, one bedroom at a time.


Brunelli faced a significant tech challenge in their warehouse operations and back-order management. Relying on a paper-based system, they struggled with manual order tracking, inventory management, and back-order handling. With only one person dedicated to managing orders and inventory, it was difficult to synchronize data with their current Acomba accounting system.

Additionally, tracking returned products and determining which orders could be prepared for delivery posed further obstacles due to the lack of visibility into available and back-order products.


Proposed Solution

  • Application to read data from Acomba and synchronize it regularly, with manual user action if required.
  • Determining the status of products and orders to facilitate Brunelli’s order status tracking.
  • Notifying the user when a product is back in inventory, displaying the orders that can be sent for preparation.
  • Order management page with order status management and display of key information.
  • Order detail module to manage product status within orders and display key information for each product and customer.
  • Inventory page enabling product search and filtering of back-order products.
  • Scanner feature allowing scanning of products in orders, with business rules preventing errors and updating order status.


• Reduces time wasted in finding out which products are back in inventory and which orders can be sent to the warehouse for picking.
• Fewer order errors in the warehouse.


At OpenMind Technologies, we offered Brunelli a comprehensive range of custom development services to optimize their warehouse operations and back-order management. Our expert team built a seamless application that synchronized data with their Acomba system in real-time, ensuring efficient order status tracking.

With personalized features such as back-order notifications, a user-friendly order management page, and an intuitive scanner function, we empowered Brunelli to take greater control over their inventory and minimize errors. Our tailored solutions were designed to help Brunelli streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive successful expansion.

The Results

  • Significant Time and Cost Savings: The implemented solutions have enabled Brunelli to save valuable time and reduce operational costs significantly. Streamlining processes has optimized resource allocation and maximized productivity.
  • Avoidance of Order Errors: With enhanced order tracking and management features, Brunelli successfully eliminated costly errors in their warehouse operations. Accurate and efficient order processing ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Smoother Operational Management: The tailored solutions provided have empowered Brunelli with seamless and intuitive operational management. From inventory control to order processing, every aspect has been streamlined for optimal performance.
  • Elimination of Paper: By bidding farewell to paper-based processes, Brunelli has embraced sustainability and ushered in a paperless era. This eco-friendly approach not only reduces waste but also fosters a modern and progressive image in the market.


"Openmind Technologies has been an invaluable partner in optimizing our warehouse operations and back-order management, leading to significant time and cost savings. With their seamless application and tailored solutions, we've eliminated order errors, streamlined inventory control, and embraced sustainability by going paperless."

Mireille Laurence

Brunelli's business owner

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