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This company was experiencing a huge instability and performance problem in the overall management of its operations, which were administered by an external Citrix environment. Unfortunately, this type of infrastructure was not designed to run multiple software applications simultaneously, limiting operational productivity. In addition, the company was completely dependent on the services provided by the former IT provider, causing a great deal of frustration due to the inconsistency of the work done and the costs generated.


Corflex’s management understood the benefits of migrating the management of its email communications to Microsoft Exchange for:

  • Increase backup space by more than 45GB for each configured mailbox
  • Better management of email communication security

Our additional recommendations to the initial mandate: implementation of local servers

In order to improve the stability as well as the fluidity of their IT environment, we recommended to Corflex management to implement a local infrastructure for these reasons.

  • Use of several applications at the same time
  • Better evolution of the ERP system through the integration of new applications
  • Better control over the operation of the computer system

Customer’s appreciation

Corflex understood the importance of local infrastructure for these two reasons:

  • Disappearance of the irritants caused by dependence on the outsourcing system
  • Improved efficiency of the IT environment


  • 55 % reduction in IT management costs
  • 100 % autonomous mailbox management
  • Considerable savings in time and money
  • Better productivity
  • Improved internal communications


"Since Openmind Technologies has taken over the monitoring of our IT infrastructure, we can fully focus on our daily operations, without always having to be slowed down due to mismanagement of our IT assets. Openmind is a partner of choice and allows us to move forward at a higher speed. The collaboration is exemplary for the improvements we are constantly making to our infrastructure and processes."

Éric St-Denis

Production Manager

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