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Stand out thanks to
process automation

Our client

Year of implementation: 2018

Since 1993, Boulons Plus’ mission has been to be a manufacturer and distributor of bolts, screws, nuts and anchors for the industrial and construction markets. Their main objectives are focused on the quality of supplies and services required by the highest industry standards.

Products and services offered

  • Customized design service
  • Manufacturing and distribution of steel products 

Size of the company

  • 11 to 50 employees


Involved in the manufacturing and assembly of products intended for the construction of steel structures, Boulons Plus must provide its customers with an assembly certification dedicated to the quality control of the products sold. The entire assembly certification process monopolized between 10 and 14 hours per week with the quality assurance manager.

System in place

  • Manual retrieval of required information from suppliers: product details, batch numbers, etc.
  • Manual customization of assembly product documentation
  • Manual transmission of assembly certificates to customers

Our solution

Boulons Plus wanted to integrate an automated system to simplify their assembly certification process for its products corresponding to each of these steps:

  • Processing the receipt of documents from suppliers
  • Shipped orders Management
  • Validation of the information required for the production of certificates of assembly of ordered products
  • Displaying and receiving error reports when documentation is non-compliant
  • Export and transmission of assembly certificates to customers when compliant

Our additional recommendations to the original mandate

  • Integration of information retrieval tools
  • Implementation of logging tools with integrated absence alerts (watch dog)


Customer's appreciation

Boulons Plus understood the importance of integrating an automation process for these two reasons:

  • Imposing a simple but essential task on qualified personnel; unfortunately, not attributable to unqualified personnel.
  • Improving the efficiency of its operations has allowed Boulons Plus to stand out from the competition and offer added value to its customers.

Points to remember

  • Considerable savings in time and money
  • Better fluidity in operational management
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Improving the customer experience
The process, which used to take us 3 to 4 days at the time, is now managed in 15 minutes, all without human intervention.

Patrice Rochon

Director of Operations