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process automation

Our client

ORAM – plumbing for buildings, is a contractor who specializes in plumbing, and more specifically, in building mechanics. For 49 years, this company has been offering its products and services to general contractors in the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors. Over the years, Oram has become a major and recognized player in the construction industry in Quebec.

Products and services offered

  • Installation of plumbing equipment and accessories
  • Sub-contract maintenance
  • Emergency Response

Size of the company

  • 150 employees


This service company, which manages a team of 120 plumbers, relies on the transmission of important information governed by its foremen on site in order to have a good financial and operational management of the company. The management team realized that a considerable amount of time was being wasted and that there was room for optimization of its internal procedures and practices.

Our solution

ORAM’s management saw the potential to automate certain tasks in order to standardize and centralize their procedures for:

  • Time sheet management
  • Ordering and receiving materials
  • Consultation and technical documentation on construction sites
  • Our additional recommendations to the original mandate

Our additional recommendations to the original mandate

  • The limitations of their in-house ERP system in terms of process automation, coupled with their desire to use a wireless environment, led us to propose to ORAM the synchronization of their in-house ERP with a customized web platform that could evolve according to the company's future needs.

Customer's appreciation

ORAM understood the importance of integrating an automation process for these four reasons:

  • Lighten the management of time sheet procedures
  • Optimize the speed of execution on the ordering process and receipt of products
  • Incorporating good practices for a paperless environment
  • Provide better technical communication with foremen on the job site

Points to remember

  • Better control over operational management
  • Improved communication with site teams
  • Considerable savings in time and money
Foremen now always have access to the plans on their tablet, allowing them to respond faster and save several hours a week.

Olivier Mongrain

Vice President Operations