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Continuation of ERP development

Our client

Since 1986, Métautek’s mission has been to offer its customers a turnkey service, meeting the highest standards in the industry. Their approach is based on attentive service, an efficient work structure and immaculate control from production to final result.

Logo Métautek

Products and services offered

  • Resumption of tailor-made ERP development
  • Manufacture and install metal structures for commercial, industrial and institutional sectors

Size of the company

  • 11 to 25 employees


Métautek was working with a company based in Sherbrooke and that wasn’t able to meet its needs in regards to the support and development of its ERP.

The collaboration between Métautek and Openmind Technologies started in 2019, when they approached us to find out if we would be able to resume and ensure the proper development of the project that was already started.

Our solution

Initially carrying out a complete analysis of the situation, we quickly realized that the technologies used were obsolete.

We also focused on iterating software versions that were efficient and secure while ensuring that they the customer’s production was not disturbed.

Once the situation was stabilized, the new technological environment was migrated to the Métautek servers so that may be autonomous.

Customer's appreciation

  • Openmind’s unique and agile approach.
  • Significant financial savings from recurring expenses.
  • Accessibility to technologies on the premises of the company.
  • Increasing the capacity and performance of the ERP.
  • Shortened project completion time by planning an efficient schedule.
  • Fluid communication between Openmind and Métautek throughout the process.

Points to remember

  • Considerable savings in time and money
  • Efficient operational management
  • Competitive advantage
  • Positive client experience
We wanted to shorten the deadlines and speed up the delivery of our ERP. Sébastien and his team offered us a more than satisfactory schedule which was respected throughout the project. Thanks to simple and efficient communications as well as interactive development tools, delivery was completed on time and to our specifications. We appreciate Openmind’s unique approach. Thanks to the whole team.

Jean-Francois Cloutier