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A company recognizes the value of its technical support when it suffers complications with its IT equipment.

In the event of a computer failure, it is reassuring to be taken care of by a supplier who quickly recognizes the source of the problem. Since every minute spent under the cover of a computer failure generally involves financial losses, it is all the more important that the support team in place be competent, efficient and reachable at all times.

What are the collateral damages your company experiences during computer failures?

  • Decrease in the company’s profitability, particularly due to a drop in employee productivity;
  • Negative impacts on employees’ personal lives (increased stress levels, regaining lost time, inability to deliver certain deliverables, etc.);
  • Possibility of partial or complete loss of certain data sets;
  • Loss of confidence on the part of customers and suppliers.

Since 2005, we have been helping companies to prevent and/or resolve major computer breakdowns

  • Daily monitoring of critical equipment and environments;
  • Preventive software and hardware computer maintenances;
  • Periodic verification of the backup device and validation of backup copies;
  • Human, competent and available support.

A fixed-price service for unlimited IT support

Acquiring the Openmind Technologies expertise at a fixed price means having, at all times, access to a team of computer technicians, network administrators and IT architects who always keep an eye on the performance of your computer park.

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