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Cyber-attacks, ransom demands, breaches of confidentiality, SMEs have never been so concerned by computer attacks. How can you ensure that your business is protected against potential threats? Knowing that absolute protection does not exist, the implementation of a computer intrusion detection system (IDS/IPS) becomes necessary for the security of your company.

What are the advantages of proactively detecting security vulnerabilities in an IT system?

  • Possibility of being able to close security holes before they are exploited maliciously;
  • Prevention of costs due to the unavailability of the computer system;
  • Protection of critical and confidential data;
  • Maintaining a relationship of trust with customers and suppliers.

Our experts are trained to detect all types of technological flaws that could affect your operations.

  • Analysis of the systems in place and identification of their exploitable weaknesses;
  • Writing a personalized and detailed report on the state of the situation and suggested solutions;
  • Implementation of dedicated and permanent solutions;
  • Intrusion tests that ensure the effectiveness of the measures put in place;
  • Delivery of a detailed report attesting to the tightness of the environments against previously identified threats.

Openmind Technologies: Your ally in the protection of your data

Because your energy is devoted to the success of your company, let our experts accompany you in the implementation of the best solutions dedicated to the security of your IT network.

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