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Leverage your IT resources within your organization

Involving IT in the growth of a business is a strategy that is increasingly used by SMEs. However, many companies are inclined to invest in their IT equipment in a reactive and/or ad hoc manner, without reference to their medium and long-term business vision. A strategic IT planning allows a company to have a reliable reference that favours strategic investments according to the company’s pace and growth potential.    

With the implication of a strategic IT plan you avoid:

  • From ending up with a decentralized IT environment
  • Poor management of the costs dedicated to your computer equipment
  • To suffer major computer breakdowns due to the end of application support and/or hardware failure caused by aging infrastructure
  • Investing in applications that are not compatible
  • Integrate different systems that cannot communicate with each other, resulting in duplication of effort.

What are the benefits of producing a strategic IT plan?

  • Standardizes IT objectives with business objectives.
  • Better planning of IT budget and IT investment priorities.
  • Ensures the optimization of the company’s IT department according to the required technologies and skills.
  • Better recognition of weaknesses in security requirements.
  • Favours an action plan oriented towards the optimization of IT-driven productivity.
  • Better preparedness for the urgent need for an integrated IT platform.

The Openmnid Technologies certified IT strategic plan includes :

  • A preliminary meeting to define the technical requirements
  • An analysis of existing technologies
  • The drafting of a plan of recommendations
  • An analysis of operational issues
  • A consultation and presentation of the various technologies offered according to our recommendations.
  • Analyzing the level of risk to the security and integrity of the company’s critical data and developing a disaster recovery plan
  • Planning and optimization of the overall security of critical environments and equipment

Our IT experts know the potential of IT on your growth strategy. They will be able to prove to you how it is possible to involve technology for the benefit of your organization.

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