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Outsourcing is delegating the responsibilities surrounding the management of your computer equipment by entrusting the management of your technology infrastructure to dedicated professionals. Thanks to outsourcing, you benefit from more time to devote to other priorities surrounding your operations while a team of experts will proactively and continuously monitor the state of your computer equipment. Compared to the typical management model, outsourcing allows you to reduce your IT management costs by more than 50%.

What IT services are included with outsourcing?

Since the specific needs of businesses can vary, our outsourcing service is flexible and scalable in order to better integrate the different technological realities of our clients. Here are some of the services included with our all-in-one solution:

    • Integrated strategic planning including the creation of an IT succession plan;
    • Management of the architecture, auxiliary components and the computer network;
    • Reinforcement of computer security and management of anti-virus and anti-spam devices;
    • A courteous on-site and remote computer support service;
    • The implementation of a computer remote monitoring plan to proactively detect anomalies;
    • Preventive and periodic maintenance of equipment to further minimize the risk of breakdowns;
    • An accessible, fast and efficient emergency support service, capable of responding to the most critical requests.

Why opt for outsourcing?

For many businesses, the management of their IT infrastructure is an important issue in their daily operations. Why run the risk of compromising the evolution of your business? Trust us with the management of your IT resources and opt for peace of mind.

  • IT management costs reduced by more than 50% with all the benefits of an in-house IT department; Peace of mind provided by a competent team focused on prevention rather than reaction;
  • The ability to focus on tasks that are critical to your operations;
  • Documented management of your IT infrastructure and network leaving no grey areas;
  • An IT succession plan that allows you to effectively deal with a technological disaster;
  • Data security thanks to cloud computing and certified backups;
  • A team of experts on the lookout for new technologies and constantly using the best industry practices.

Opt for business IT outsourcing and increase your company’s productivity and profitability today!

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