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Data migration is not just a solution for large enterprises. SMBs can also take advantage of the benefits of data migration to virtual servers to optimize their operations and reduce their operating costs.

How Your Business Can Save Money with Data Virtualization

  • The energy required to start up the physical servers
  • Renewal and/or addition of physical servers
  • Losses due to equipment failure
  • The purchase of licenses dedicated to physical servers
  • Secure space for equipment storage
  • Time required for maintenance

“Our customers who migrate their data to virtual servers save on average 20% on their annual IT budget. “Jean-François Dupras, IT Architect

What are the other benefits of migrating data?

  • More efficient environment
  • Simplifies computer system architecture
  • Better protection of your data
  • Simplified backup process
  • Facilitates disaster recovery plan in the event of a disaster

Why involve Openmind Technologies for the migration and virtualization of your data?

Our experts have been assisting customers in the migration and virtualization of their data since 2005. With more than 1000 migration and virtualization mandates to their credit, they can recommend and implement the best solutions for the implementation of a virtualized infrastructure corresponding to your business reality.

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