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In a business reality where the IT infrastructure consolidates an average of two-thirds of a company’s operations, the collateral damage of a computer failure can have serious consequences on the viability of an organization. Forward-thinking companies include a disaster recovery plan in their operational risk management.

What is a disaster recovery plan?

A disaster recovery plan is a document that brings together all the procedures for the recovery and protection of the IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. This tool is the reference for a company that suffers a complete or partial interruption of its operations during a major computer failure, whether the cause is human, technical or natural.

Why is it advantageous for your company to have a disaster recovery plan?

  • Data and hardware protection;
  • Minimizes downtime;
  • Promotes a proactive action plan;
  • Better speed of execution of employees for the restoration of operations;
  • Recognized by insurance companies;
  • Promotes an image of trust with customers.

A certified disaster recovery plan: Openmind Technologies

Our consulting service dedicated to the implementation of disaster recovery plans for businesses can help you at all stages of implementation.

  • Assessment and analysis of the current state of the infrastructure;
  • Documentation of a procedures report;
  • Composition of a recovery plan;
  • Test period and updating of procedures.

Knowing that your business depends on the efficiency of your IT infrastructure, don’t wait until it’s too late to recognize the value of a disaster recovery plan.

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