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Your computer network provides connectivity between all of your company’s software components and equipment. Just like the human nervous system, a computer network allows information to be sent to one or more destinations so that it can be properly processed by the following software or equipment.

A high-performance, stable and scalable network will ensure efficient communications, thus contributing greatly to the overall performance of the company. Conversely, a deficient network will have an impact on the overall productivity of employees and will hinder the proper functioning of the majority of software used in the company.

Why opt for a high-performance computer network?

  • To minimize the risk of data corruption;
  • To increase the speed of execution of the software used;
  • To increase the speed and availability of the wireless network;
  • To reduce cases of unexpected closures (crashes) of your applications;
  • To help significantly reduce the risk of computer failures that compromise all of the company’s activities;
  • To contribute to an increase in overall employee productivity through faster information processing.

Networking services offered by Openmind

  • Evolutive strategic planning for the entire local network;
  • Upgrade of hardware components (switches, routers, wireless terminals, cabling, etc.);
  • Installation and optimization of firewall and intrusion detection software;
  • Installation and configuration of VPN software;
  • Addition of new network outlets to meet the growing needs of your business.
  • And more!

Our certified experts have the necessary expertise to ensure that your infrastructure will evolve at the same pace as your business objectives.

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