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Our IT experts accompany business leaders in their search for technological solutions designed to optimize the performance and profitability of their operations involving their IT infrastructure. Companies call upon our services for operational problems involving their IT infrastructure. After analysis, the managers we accompany find that these deficiencies are mainly caused by inadequate maintenance or a delay in the modernization of their IT infrastructure.

What are the risks caused by aging IT infrastructures?

  • Security issues;
  • Loss of data;
  • System failure;
  • Inability to support new projects, applications;
  • Non-optimal performance;
  • Fragility in terms of system availability (SLA).

What your IT infrastructure must allow your business to do

  • Improved efficiency of your staff;
  • Workload flexibility;
  • Ability to adapt to new business needs;
  • Customization of applications and services according to user profile;
  • Data sharing with precise access control.

IT infrastructure services offered by Openmind Technologies

  • Assessment of existing infrastructure;
  • Definition of future needs;
  • Recommendation of solutions;
  • Implementation and optimization of integrated IT solutions;
  • Support, administration and operation of systems;
  • Disaster recovery plan;
  • Backup and archiving of data.

An organization that chooses to evolve its IT infrastructure must be able to take advantage of the benefits that professionally executed modernization can bring flexibility, agility and cost effectiveness. Take advantage of your free consultation to get advice from our IT experts. They will be able to recommend the best IT infrastructure solutions to meet your company’s pace and growth objectives.

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