Improve the efficiency of your SME with Outlook and Office 365

Opt for cloud computing performance and security with Office 365 products. Simplify the management of your emails and regain control of your schedule quickly and easily!

Take advantage of Office 365’s benefits today!

Increase your productivity and that of your employees

Benefits of migrating to Office 365

  • Have access to your data anywhere, anytime

    Access your files and emails anytime from your mobile device.

  • Collaborate more efficiently

    With Office 365, sharing data is easier and more secure than ever.

  • Automatically updated applications

    Automatically take advantage of new features or security patches.

  • Your protected data

    With Office 365, your company data is safe and automatically backed up. One less thing to worry about!

Migrate in 4 easy steps

  • First Meeting

    An Openmind expert will quickly contact you to determine your needs and establish with you a 100% customized migration process.

  • Analysis and preparation

    Openmind will establish a precise plan of actions to be taken and a schedule will be submitted to you for approval.

  • Migration to Office 365

    As the migration begins, all measures are taken to minimize disruption to your business.

  • Finalization of the migration

    We make sure that all the elements in place are working properly and answer any questions you may have.

What we migrate

  • User Profiles

    No need to recreate your company's user profiles.

  • Email boxes

    No email will be lost, you have our word!

  • Folders and files

    Your critical data will be fully and securely migrated.

All the products you already know


  • Will I risk losing my emails or important files during the migration?

    No. Our team of experts takes the necessary measures from the outset, including a complete analysis of the problems to be anticipated in order to eliminate the risk of data loss.

  • Will the migration process greatly disrupt my daily operations?

    No. Thanks to our personalized approach that takes your reality into account, everything is done to minimize the impact of the migration.

  • What happens once the migration is completed if I have a problem or question?

    The migration process is completed only when you have confirmed that you are completely satisfied and that all your expectations have been met. Otherwise, we are always available to answer all your requests, big or small

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