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of a(n) Growth Hacker

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  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing or any other related field;
  • More than 5 years of experience in the marketing of digital products (Saas);
  • Bilingual (English and French);
  • Data driven: clear understanding of data, analysis, measurement and statistics;
  • Sociable and understand user behavior. Have strong customer relations skills and focus on the customer experience;
  • Knowledge of digital marketing and inbound and outbound lead generation;
  • Experience with Growth hacking tools such as Optimizely for A/B Testing, MailChimp for e-mail marketing campaigns, Intercom for CRM, sales and marketing...;
  • Experience in strategy and automation initiatives - in particular SEO, PPC, Display, Email and Content;
  • Experience in the creation and implementation of email marketing campaigns and maintenance;
  • Experience writing and editing content for email campaigns and blogs;
  • Excellent organizational and project management skills;
  • Knowledge of programming (an asset);
  • Strong ability to learn and persevere;
  • Ability to work in a start-up environment;
  • Not afraid to rotate and ability to multi-task;
  • Must be able to work both independently and as part of a team;
  • Be performance and results oriented;
  • Be curious and creative.
  • Bilingual (French & English)

daily life
of a(n) Growth Hacker

Count me in
  • Choose in agreement with the other departments on which key performance indicators to focus;
  • Provide creative ideas on how to grow these KPIs;
  • Perform A/B testing of these ideas;
  • Analyze data and user feedback;
  • Exchange ideas/data/feedback with other departments to present results and make the product more user-centric;
  • Drive traffic to the website, homepages, social media, applications, etc. ;
  • Understand the principles of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and be able to apply CRO hacks to any business;
  • Work with the AARRR sales measurement chart (Acquisition - Activation - Retention - Referral - Revenue);
  • Prioritize and optimize growth channels in order to continuously improve performance;
  • Automate growth processes;
  • Be familiar with referral marketing and be able to create viral growth.

Wondering if you’re a good fit?

At Openmind we believe that people skills are just as important as know-how. If you connect with the following 5 values, we should get along.

Icône Ose évoluer

Don’t be a dinausaur

Not moving forward = moving backward. Be curious, challenge yourself

Icône Pas d'excuse

Get shit done

If you want something, choose the means, not the excuses

Icône Tricoté serré

Take one for the team

Be kind. #teamspirit

Icône Fais partie de la solution

Be the change you seek

Put 10% of your energy on the problem and 90% on the solution

Icône Amuse-toi

Work hard play hard

Work shouldn’t be boring. Put some fun in your day

Your colleagues chose us because we ...

  • Are ranked among the best places to work for in Canada (Great Place to Work)
  • Are one of the fastest growing companies in Canada since 2017
  • Have a president that is “BonBoss” certified in Quebec
  • Invest in your continued education (Laureate at the Mercuriades 2020)
  • Are FLOW certified (flexible working conditions, remote work, summer hours)
  • Have a corporate culture that is unique, progressive and vibrant
  • Offer endless opportunities for growth and advancement

But also because we...

  • Contribute to your group insurance and your RRSP
  • Offer you a health care allowance so that you can take care of yourself
  • Magically transform your birthday into paid leave
  • Share Thursday beers during our legendary 4PM Beer
  • Offer the opportunity to get involved in different teams (culture, community, bench tech, design, etc.)
  • Offer learning opportunities (learning club, University, book bar)
  • Offer tea, coffee and snacks (we even have a popcorn machine)
  • Are managed by a team of accessible and inspiring leaders who have a human-centred approach
  • Invest in your professional development (one-on-one, personalized development plan, coaching with mentors, annual assessment based on your progress)
  • Respect your privacy: no email or text messages outside office hours
  • #notraffic, #parking
  • And much more…

A word from the President

Our president loves to chat it up, but most of all, he’s abitious.Find out what to expect if you decide to join the adventure by viewing this short video clip .

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