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New values, new challenges for Openmind players

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Starting from a dream to become a company with the wind in its sails, Openmind has undergone, through time, many positive changes that have shaped who it is today (the arrival of new players bursting with talent, winning renowned awards and having a place among the fastest growing companies in Canada). As such, we are refocusing our DNA and values to be more representative of our reality and the lessons we have learned over the years. So, at the dawn of our 15 years, a little retrospective on our mission and values was necessary.

As a team that we decided to enhance our mission and values to transform them into concrete and engaging concepts, in the image of our players. Indeed, many members of the Openmind family shine by their open-mindedness, their need to surpass themselves, their joie de vivre, their proactivity and their sense of belonging to the team.

It is therefore with great pride that we present you our new mission and our 5 new values, which are the result of a collective work representing, in our opinion, much better the different personalities of the players evolving at Openmind.


Our mission statement

The importance of a specific mission helps to better define oneself, to clearly explain the organization’s raison d’être and the very essence of what it exists for.

Make a DIFFERENCE in people's lives by forging the technological FUTURE of tomorrow's companies.

Human being is at the centre of any activity and it was important to us that his life be marked in a positive way by our actions, whether he is a player, a partner or, on a larger scale, a company that we help. It was therefore essential for us to participate in the development of innovative solutions that would offer unparalleled competitive advantages to companies that would be able to prosper by pursuing their growth, thereby ensuring the development of the human capital that is intimately linked to it. Indeed, we firmly believe that technology must serve people and not the other way around. At Openmind, we will never work on a project, but we will work to meet the needs of the people behind it.


Our values

Having fun while working, many say it, but do they REALLY mean it?

Openmind redefines this value since it is essential to live one’s passion fully (not only on the windows of our social networks). We must stop being afraid to do what we LOVE, take a good dose of courage and go for it. Life is too short to be boring and meaningless! If, as a bonus, our livelihood is a constant source of fun, then we’re a winner in every way. Just imagine, for a moment (before going to work or during the day) saying, “I can’t wait! “/ “Wow, it’s already 5:00 p.m.! Time goes by so fast when you’re having fun! “It shows you’re in the right place. We won’t hide it, everyone works hard and wants to perform. We want to give 110% to reach the top, but do you have as much FUN as you WORK?

This dimension is at the heart of the Openmind family and we strongly believe that a player who lives his passion on a daily basis can have fun, develop a wider range of talents, be more fulfilled and finally, be really happy at work!


Imagine yourself in the middle of the storm in a boat and waves 20 stories high! Everyone onboard is panicking and there is anarchy! Everyone has lost focus and is running like headless chickens in no direction. We are going to RUN EVERYWHERE, it’s obvious!

Being TRICTOTÉ SERRÉ is the opposite. It’s in the most difficult moments that you need to stay on course, stay focused and stay true to your job. It’s about putting the interest of the crew ahead of their own needs. Whether you’re the captain of a boat or leading your team to the next Stanley Cup, you have to stay united and be one to win and be victorious! In our team, the team’s interest will always come before the personal interest of each of its players. That’s the way it is!

As Einstein would say, “A person who has never made a mistake has never tried to innovate. »

Being part of the solution is not just about thinking outside the box, but about whether THE BOX is really necessary? Remaining alert and proactive in all the processes we undertake, finding solutions where others may not even have detected the problems that will inevitably arise in the not so distant future.

We must work as a team to change things! (And not criticize them, even if the shortcut sometimes seems easy). How many times can an inventor be refused the fruit of his research by being called enlightened? (When those same people were only too closed-minded to recognize the extent of his genius). For us, to be part of the solution is to be part of an EVERYTHING and to have the will to CHANGE THINGS. Taking nothing for granted, always remaining open to the possibilities.

To become a better version of yourself.

“I hurt EVERYWHERE! Well, another day of REST won’t hurt, I’m off to training TOMORROW…” It is easy to believe that at least once in our lives we have uttered (or thought) this sentence. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy, we impose mental limitations on ourselves that somehow block our full potential. A host of things can be barriers to our higher self, be it our mood, our self-confidence, our focus on our weaknesses instead of our strengths, or any other factor affecting our limitations. At Openmind, we believe in the real you, and we will always support you in your efforts to help you find it when you need it!

We are convinced that you will have the perseverance it takes to move forward and will put a little more effort every day to become a BETTER VERSION OF YOURSELF. We believe in consistency as the cornerstone of any successful recipe, just as there is less risk of cavities if you brush twice a day than if you brush once a year for 730 minutes.

With the desire to evolve and deliver good results, day after day, there is NO EXCUSE to finally become THE best (don’t worry, we will always be your best supporters 😉)!

We believe in always keeping the CURIOSITY OF A CHILD.

Dinosaurs have not been able to evolve and it is this status quo that has put an end to their existence (this is of course a simplification of a much more complex process, but the main thing is there). They were gradually reduced to dust and, without warning, they are now part of history. Many companies are suffering the same fate because of a lack of innovation and openness.

In order not to become just another insignificant memory among so many others and to be one of THOSE who belong to history, we must roll up our sleeves, improvise, adapt and overcome the obstacles before us!

We believe that we must always keep the CURIOSITY OF A CHILD, have an open mind and put aside our judgments, have an insatiable thirst to learn and break all barriers to explode innovation to the maximum. This is the only way WE DARE TO EVOLVE!

Article written by:

Christina Larouche, Talent and Culture Coordinator

As an ambassador of talent and culture, the human being is at the heart of my activities. Building a team of qualified players who share our values is my priority. I am passionate with a lot of creativity, which means that I am always looking for a new way of doing things and am open to new ideas. My mission is to develop an atmosphere of collaboration, fun and excellence! Because alone we go faster, but together we will go further.

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