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The Six Known Wi-Fi Threat Categories Targeting Companies 

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Don’t let Wi-Fi become your greatest security vulnerability. Hackers prefer to go for the weakest link in the security chain. With easily accessible tools and an endless well of tutorials, infiltrating a Wi-Fi network is child’s play. In the worst case, your company’s network could be corrupted by malware and login information stolen via Wi-Fi, which can cost you a lot in fines and money spent to fix the data breach.

You need a trusted Wi-Fi environment, a framework to develop a full Wi-Fi network that is quick, easy to manage and above all, secure. Your employees, suppliers and guests are counting on you to keep them safe. It is your duty to learn about Wi-Fi security risks and how they can impact your company. Make sure that your environment meets the following three main objectives:

Peak performance

You should never have to compromise your security to get good performance and support your environment with the speed, connections and device density you need.

Did you know?

  • Wi-Fi attacks are inexpensive to carry out and is done very easily;
  • Wi-Fi hacking is extremely popular, but users don’t understand the risks;
  • Wi-Fi devices are vulnerable to attacks, and they are generally not detectable without a secure, reliable and precise solution;
  • Without knowing it, employees connect to unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Scalable management

With some simple installation and management, you should be able to monitor your wireless network from a single interface, and execute key processes to protect your environment and its users.


of cyberattacks target small to medium-sized companies.

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End-to-end security verification

You need to know that your security solution will protect your company from Wi-Fi attacks and provides the following benefits:

  • Automatic protection against the six known Wi-Fi threats;
  • Possibility of legitimate external access points to work in the same space;
  • Restriction of user login to unauthorized Wi-Fi access points.

The six known Wi-Fi threats

Rogue access point: Allows hackers to bypass perimeter security. 
Evil Twin access point: Attracts users and encourages them to log in in order to spy on traffic, steal data and infect systems. 
Neighbour access point: Risks infection after connecting to other SSIDs while in range of an authorized access point. 
Rogue client: Delivers malware payloads to the network after connecting to malicious access points. 
Ad-hoc network: Uses peer-to-peer connections to evade security controls and risk exposure to malware. 
Misconfigured access point: Opens networks to attack as a result of configuration errors. 

Don’t let Wi-Fi become your greatest security risk. Build a multi-layered approach by adding secure Wi-Fi to your existing network security solution.  In collaboration with WatchGuard, Openmind Technologies offers a wide variety of security solutions, allowing you to protect all of your current resources.

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