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Microsoft Office Advanced O365 Protection

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Protection avancée O365 cyberattaqueJust recently, Microsoft released a new product that provides additional security to the basic Exchange and Office 365 (O365) subscription plan. This advanced protection against phishing and cyber attacks becomes added value to the cybersecurity of your mailboxes, files, and Office 365 applications.

This support has been designed, among other things, to secure all the data that passes through the applications found in the O365 suite: Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Sharepoint Online and OneDrive for Businesses.

Protect your mailboxes from corrupted attachments

Protection-avancée-O365-pieces-jointeThe bottom line is that emails are great entry points to programs that may harm your computer systems, especially when a document is attached for downloads. With the Trusted Attachments feature, all suspicious documents are scanned in real time and undergo behavioral malware analysis. All activities that are suspected by O365 to contain contaminated material are detected using automatic learning techniques. Attachments assessed as “dangerous” are then quarantined before being distributed to recipients. This process provides immunity against uncontrollable attacks from your mailboxes.


Approved Links has the mandate to analyze content involving URL links. This analysis transcribes and studies the URL visited in real time. If the link is identified as corrupt, a warning message will notify the O365 user of the dangers and block access to the link.

Generate monitoring reports

Protection-avancée-O365-surveillanceTechnically, all employees of an organization are susceptible to these types of attacks. However, key positions involved in accounting, human resources, and management are great targets for cybercriminals. With surveillance reports accessible with the protection plan offered by O365, it is possible to export detailed reports to better identify the entry points of these threats. This information allows you to prioritize the activation of O365 Advanced Protection at critical workstations in the company.


Let Microsoft handle the unmanageable

As an Office 365 migration expert, I highly recommend O365 Advanced Protection to our customers. The advantage of this protection offered by Microsoft is that it takes full responsibility for processing and analyzing the content of your virtual environment before it reaches your computer systems. In fact, for the price of a coffee ($ 2.40 / month per user), this O365 protection plan is a value-added solution for managing the risk of corporate cyber attacks.