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Hiring a computer technician: the great challenge for Quebec SMEs

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There is no longer any need to prove that successful companies know how to prioritize information and communication technologies (ICT) within their business strategy. With increased market growth and strategic competitive advantages, managers are increasingly considering the involvement of ICTs at the heart of their management models and strategies. However, this change in the business world has really exploded job opportunities for computer technicians and other business executives involved in ICT. The growing demand for technological and computer security solutions and the shortage of computer technicians on the job market are phenomena that are of growing concern to Quebec SMEs.

"Technologies are increasingly cross-cutting, they are everywhere now [...] This creates a competitive effect for the sector. Clearly, this is not helping SME recruitment. »
Vincent Corbeil, labour market analyst at TECHNOCompétences

What are the existing solutions?

Here are a few tips and alternatives that will allow you to get your hands on qualified computer technicians for the management of your computer equipment.

Of course, the complexity of hiring an experienced computer technician or network administrator requires a lot of time and money. Moreover, all companies looking for the rare pearl want to meet the best candidates. To attract the attention of potential candidates, not only must your company be competitive in terms of working conditions, but it must also be recognized by the best candidates available on the market. Fortunately, there are solutions that can facilitate your hiring process and thus facilitate the acquisition of new talent.

Recruitment agencies specializing in the IT field

This type of resource can be a great alternative for companies that do not have a dedicated professional recruitment manager. Their understanding of the market as well as their expertise becomes favorable for a company that has neither the time nor the knowledge required to search for potential candidates.

Job portals dedicated to IT jobs

For companies that are willing to get involved in a staffing process, it is interesting to know the job sites for the ICT industry. Many of these sites are portals that are regularly consulted by computer technicians looking for a new challenge. Thanks to their specialty and recognition in the ICT industry, these sites maximize the visibility of the positions to be filled within your company.

Here are a few of them:


Did you know that?

What if outsourcing your IT needs is the solution?

Thanks to the advantages that this solution offers, more and more companies are delegating the management of their computer equipment to an external firm. Outsourcing IT management is a solution in itself, because it allows you to have access to qualified computer technicians at all times, without having to worry about managing the personnel involved in the administration of your computer equipment or the recruitment difficulties that these highly-demanded resources represent. You can therefore concentrate on what really matters!

''The average cost of IT outsourcing represents on average 30% of an annual salary for a level 2 computer technician''.
Samuel Urbain, MSP Account Manager - Openmind Technologies

The scarcity of IT labour and the difficulty in retaining it are realities that many Quebec companies are facing, especially as the involvement of ICTs in a business strategy is becoming increasingly important. For most Quebec companies, the growth of their competitiveness and performance depends on the efficiency of their IT resources. It is therefore necessary to implement effective solutions that promote stability in the management and security of your IT assets.

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