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Business Cloud Solutions Aren’t Just About Saving Money 

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Speed, flexibility and strategic resource management are the main factors that allow you to save money with a business cloud solution.

As you get to know more about the business cloud solutions on the market, you will see that they primarily provide savings on IT infrastructure costs, because they migrate data to public cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. As a manager, do you know exactly how much you can save on IT operational costs by using business cloud services?

Too often, IT teams estimate their technology-related fees based on the cost of their data/consumption relative to their cloud solution service. However, it is also important to consider the lower maintenance time, and the speed with which it is possible to increase or reduce the power of specific critical equipment on demand.

Most companies make the mistake of focusing on overall infrastructure costs rather than on other secondary benefits: speed, flexibility and cost transparency. Acquiring business cloud solutions is a true success if the investment reduces spending on IT resources, and on other professional resources.

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The top benefit of moving data to public Cloud storage is the speed of execution. Here, we do not mean speed in terms of application performance, but rather speed of IT operations: from purchase to business implementation.

Most companies have a long procurement process for obtaining hardware and software. Even with existing suppliers, hardware can take several days, or even weeks, to arrive. Then, it takes at least several more days to configure and integrate the hardware into the data centre.

With a business cloud solution, once the cloud platform has been securely connected to your network, you are just a few clicks away from completing the provisioning process. This efficiency enables your teams to achieve greater productivity and better operational flexibility.

As an example, you could provision a 60-node massively parallel processing “SQL database cluster” in just a few minutes. Your developers won’t waste any more time between concept and execution. The idea you come up with today can be implemented tomorrow, or even later today.

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What if you integrated a cloud-based, 20-node “SQL cluster” into your application architecture, and then you discovered that you would be better off with 40 nodes? With a business cloud solution, you can change the cluster size in just a few minutes, in a way that meets your exact needs. If you had purchased that cluster in a traditional way for your data centre, you would need to restart the provisioning process and wait for another 20 nodes to arrive. Worse still, if you had started with 40 nodes and later realized that you only really needed 20, what would your options be? With physical hardware, you would have simply acquired too many resources, and spent too much money unnecessarily.

When sending and networking data between your services, business cloud solutions provide great flexibility. Do you need to connect data from a Hadoop cluster to an analytical database, and export the results to a BI tool? Point and click.

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Fine-grained resource management

The flexibility of business cloud solutions enables you to optimize resource management. 

Computing power can be increased or reduced based on the day’s needs. Do you have a data warehouse process that requires intensive processing power for eight hours per week? Turn up the cluster’s power for those eight hours, and turn it back down for normal company operations. Do you have analytical uses that concentrate during business hours? Set aside more resources for those important hours, and minimize their impact on your other critical equipment and resources.

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Cost transparency

The fourth benefit from using business cloud solutions is cost transparency. Since business cloud solutions contain resources with clearly established prices, shown in a precise way, the relative cost is much more visible. For example, it is possible to determine in advance how much a high-performance database server will cost. The same goes for a web server with the power to handle 100 requests per second. In the same way, it is easy to figure out how much it will cost to handle 1000 requests per second, if necessary. This accessibility provides a better overall picture, which in return, provides better transparency on the related costs.

Finally, speed, flexibility and resource management optimization are undoubtedly the factors that explain why business cloud solutions have become increasingly popular among SMEs.

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