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5 resolutions to minimize the risk of cyber attacks in companies

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As a business manager, the transition into the New Year is a cherished time to express our gratitude to the various stakeholders involved in the growth of our company. Employees for their work, business partners for their references, clients for their trust; in short, all the people who have taken part, from near and far, in the success of our organization. This period is also a good time to take stock of the good and bad things we have had to go through in the last 365 days. Unfortunately, for many companies, 2019 was a year marked by subsequent losses caused by the phenomenon of cyber attacks. We all know that this phenomenon is not only here to stay, but that the collateral damage it causes is imposing increasingly disastrous consequences on businesses.

If a company does not have a policy or defined procedures for the protection of its critical data from cyber attacks, it is playing Russian roulette with the stability and viability of its business.

This is unfortunately what happened to the company Laurin Conteneurs.

Become more aware of the importance of the security of your computer system and take a look at these five technological resolutions that a company should make for the New Year.

Resolution #1

Auditing infrastructure and upgrading of networking equipment and servers

This resolution is a good starting point for identifying the weaknesses of a computer park. As a first step, it allows the efficiency of the computer park, operating systems, software and network to be assessed.

The advantages of an IT audit :

  • Prevent breakdowns and equipment failures;
  • Targets security weaknesses;
  • Optimizes the configuration and standardization of the network structure.

In addition, to avoid the loss of critical data, which is more exposed to risks caused by the increased sharing of resources within the organization, it is recommended that a strategic and personalized action plan be attached to the computer audit. The purpose of this reference guide is to put on paper the internal procedures that a company must produce during the course of the year to ensure the control and security of critical data that may be affected by cyber attacks.

Resolution #2

Acquire a “Disaster recovery plan”.

Several phenomena can cause a computer disaster and unfortunately the cyber attack is one of them. The rapid recovery of deleted files, corrupted drives or other situations involving the protection of your critical data (ransom, phishing, etc.) can be more controlled with a recovery plan. Knowing what to do and how to act in the event of a failure is more reassuring for an organization.

Resolution #3

Produce application penetration tests

Web applications are now part of the daily management of all businesses. Whether for accounting, operations, sales, etc., companies are making greater use of web or mobile applications to optimize their flexibility and productivity. In return, these technological tools become, by their very nature, easily accessible for cyber attacks. Testing the penetration of your applications is a solution whose objective is to evaluate the level of accessibility of your critical data used and/or processed through one or more web applications.

Resolution #4

Execute a preventive maintenance plan

Several benefits are felt by companies when they implement a computer preventive maintenance plan.

  • Optimization of the life span of workstations;
  • Better detection of system errors;
  • Automated application of security patches on operating systems as well as on the software used;
  • Preservation of backup copies;
  • Obtain preventive training to minimize the risks of being used as a vector of attack: (password management, computer use policy, personal data management, etc.);
  • Increasing the lifespan of workstations;
  • Better detection of system errors.

Resolution #5

Securing the Wi-Fi network

Unfortunately, many people believe that only a password and a firewall are sufficient to ensure the optimal security of the Wi-Fi network. Did you know that the lack of control over your network exposes your business to several types of cyber attacks? Don’t let Wi-Fi become your biggest security vulnerability. Consider a multi-layered approach by adding secure Wi-Fi to your existing network security solution.


The question is no longer if, but rather when your business will fall victim to a cyber attack.

For many managers, the events that have taken place with businesses and/or public organizations over the past year, such as Desjardins, Bonjour Santé and the City of Longueuil, have made it clear that cyber attacks spare no one. Large and small businesses alike, when they don’t implement the necessary solutions to secure their critical data, become easy prey for hackers. Don’t wait until your organization’s credibility is at stake and opt for solutions that will avoid many of the headaches that cyber attacks can cause.


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