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5 bad reasons NOT to migrate to Office 365 

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Do you like the thrill of the thrill and the thought of losing your data at any time due to a computer crash is a great thrill for you?

But many companies appreciate the peace of mind that Office 365 provides, with the promise that they never have to worry about losing valuable business data. Microsoft Office 365 includes a strategy that can help prevent data loss (DLP) and help companies comply with industry rules for protecting data that is vital to the smooth running of their operations. This strategy also prevents the accidental disclosure of sensitive information by preventing leaks outside your organization from spreading confidential data.


Is data integrity a far-fetched fabrication that you don’t want to pay too much attention to?

Office 365 ensures a high level of security for your company and implies that best security practices are followed at every stage of development and service delivery. “Microsoft Forefront ™ Online Protection for Exchange, included with Office 365, protects organizations against viruses and unwanted email and is highly configurable to meet different business needs.  It is the first major cloud-based productivity service to use security frameworks based on International Organization for Standardization standards (ISO / IEC 27001: 2005) and is ISO 27001 certified by independent auditors. Office 365 is also contractually committed to the EU standard clauses and HIPAA partner company agreements.


You have an unlimited budget and for you, paying more for less is natural?

Migrating to Office 365 gives your organization the flexibility to increase or decrease in size while maintaining a predictable cost structure. Pay only for what you use and not a penny more!  The same goes for the individual costs of client access licenses for Exchange, SharePoint or Skype for Business. Rather than committing to expensive licenses on long-term contracts with Microsoft, Office 365 offers an easy transition to a more flexible arrangement with a more appropriate cost structure.

Office 365 subscribers always have access to the latest version of Office products. In the past, access to new versions of Office has involved bulk purchase of new licenses or maintenance of Microsoft Software Assurance contracts. Now, Office 365 allows organizations to receive the latest versions of Microsoft products, among other features, without having to purchase all the new licenses.

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Do you like complicated things that require several hours of brain gymnastics?

Switching to a new tool with an unknown user interface can cause major disruptions throughout your organization! However, Office 365 integrates easily with existing SharePoint systems, which will help minimize downtime if you are already using SharePoint technology in your organization.

Office 365 offers a simplified experience because mobile, online and desktop applications share a consistent experience with familiar Office applications, giving users an instant understanding of the solution. Employees can use the service almost immediately because it is built on local versions of Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Office. Companies get the simplicity and flexibility of cloud computing while improving the functionality that users expect and need.


For you, an availability rate of 99.98% is impossible due to a typographical error.

Since 2013, Microsoft has been publishing its availability reports on the internet and is therefore fully transparent in this respect.  In order to obtain such a high availability rate, several means are deployed, the main one being to maintain a copy of the data in several different data centers distributed all over the world.  This complex redundancy system ensures that no single piece of equipment can become the “single point of failure” and thus jeopardize the process to which it is connected.  By combining these efforts with several others (preventive equipment maintenance, tight control of resource use, periodic failure simulations, etc.), Office 365 is a product that is as reliable as it is stable to use.

No more server failures that prevent you from getting your hands on that email if it is important to you.

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