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3 IT technology issues for modern companies 

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Organizations increasingly understand the benefits generated by a modernized information technology infrastructure. Alan Greenspan, economist and former chairman of the Federal Reserve (FED) once said, : “Information technology has changed the way people create economic value” . This confirms the extent to which the use of software, technology bridges (ERP, CRM) and process automation is redefining the management style of companies wishing to optimize their performance and thus better seize growth opportunities.


The flip side of an IT modernization is the vulnerability resulting from the lack of high-performance equipment, an adequate succession plan and efficient technical support.

The allegiance of businesses to information technology

Over the last decade, companies have become increasingly dependent on their IT environment.

Now everything is computerized: from the billing system, to the order process, to accounting, to customer data; almost all of a company’s performance is governed by its IT infrastructure. says Jean-François Dupras, IT Account Manager/Network Architect.

In a business reality where on average 85% of data is digitized (source: Forbes), the importance of investing in reliable equipment is a primary issue to ensure stability of operations but also to maintain an organization growth.

According to the Quebec Statistics’ institute, 31.4% of Quebec companies spent 5.1% of their total expenditures on the acquisition or development of information technologies in 2015. (source: Quebec Statistics’ institute)

Cybersecurity and risks related to attacks of all kinds

As noted in our recent article on ransoming, phishing and other corporate cyber-attacks, the damage from cybercrime is expected to cost businesses more than $6 billion annually by 2021. This estimate means that businesses are really concerned about this phenomenon. In order to best protect their IT assets from breach, they must invest in cyber security. Companies are more likely to refer to an expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) who will take responsibility for securing their IT infrastructure with a preventive monitoring service and/or recovery plan that allows them to act quickly in the event of an IT disaster.

Managed services outsourcing is efficient and cost-effective

There are several reasons to observe an increase in the use of external consultants for information technology consulting services. First, there is a real shortage of IT labour in Canada.

“In Quebec, 12,000 new IT positions are created annually. Of this number, only 3,000 are filled, which creates a significant annual deficit. (source: Institut de la statistique du Québec)

75% of our new customers contact us for these three reasons: 1) the loss of their internal resources, 2) poor management, 3) the lack of recurring investment in their IT infrastructure,” added Jean-François Dupras.

On the other hand, client companies often report a reduction in their IT management costs by subcontracting to an external firm compared to the administrative burden of an employee.

Openmind Technologies is ranked 13th among the most successful IT companies.

Among the 41 IT companies ranked in the Profit 500 in 2018, Openmind Technologies reached the 13th position, 4 places higher than in 2017. We strongly believe that this result is the result of our versatility in information technology. Our comprehensive consulting service provides the necessary support to companies wishing to optimize their management by improving their information technology infrastructure. Involved in the improvement of business performance for the past 15 years, we have at heart the result of our interventions which makes Openmind one of the most human information technology companies in the world.

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