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The 6 advantages of acquiring custom software in a business

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Usually, a business processes all operations using at least 3 to 4 computer software to meet needs related to accounting, sales, operations, etc. With commercial software, it is possible for a business to automate up to 85% of its operations. Today, with challenges such as increasing competition, the shortage of manpower and the risks of increased encryption security, it is essential for a company to equip itself with business solutions enabling it to reach 100% operational efficiency. In this perspective, the acquisition of tailored software is no longer a question; it becomes an added value for any company looking for growth solutions.

These are six benefits you can derive from the integration of hard-core software into your operations.

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Advantage #1
Stand out from the competition

One of the biggest factors for which our customers integrate custom software is the power to stand out from the competition. The integration of tailored software gives the company an opportunity to score points and to differentiate itself from the competition through better performance of business processes.

A fine example is of a customer in the manufacturing and distribution of products for the construction industry. The integration of tailor-made software designed for the certification of test reports (milltest) has enabled them to offer a product and a service that is significantly faster than their competition: two criteria which are very much sought after by customers.

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Advantage #2
Increase your productivity 

As mentioned above, software is designed to optimize the efficiency of a business. However, it remains difficult to find software designed specifically for a specific business need. In this perspective, it becomes interesting to look at the potential of custom software that fit perfectly with the specific needs of the business and interweave flawlessly with existing processes; this propels the company to another level.

One of the tailor-made software solutions, that we have developed for a high-end kitchen cabinet manufacturing company, optimizes the transportation logistics of its products distributed in Quebec, Ontario and the coast of the United States. Various features have been developed in order to facilitate communication within the delivery process. This resulted in: 1) eliminating errors, 2) minimizing omissions, 3) improving customer service.

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Advantage #3
Secure your digital data 

With the processing of your data using custom software, it is generally recognized that the probability of cyberattacks, which may affect operations, is greatly diminished. This is due to cybercriminals benefiting from the intrusion of popular software, allowing it to reach multiple users rather than dwell on single-use software.

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Advantage #4
Simplify your daily procedures 

The ergonomics of custom software are designed to be easy to use. With user-friendly interfaces, the implementation and use of software is quickly adopted by staff, simplifying the implementation of new processes. In addition, the security of access to software functionalities is adapted to the rules of the company. This is done by managing permissions by user or group of users.


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Advantage #5
Adapted to your objectives 

All businesses are subject to change or to evolve during their life cycle. However, tailor-made software offers you the latitude you need to make the necessary adjustments to new challenges faced throughout growth.

“In fact, the software adjusts to the business, not the other way around” 

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Advantage # 6
Make your operations profitable 

Generic software is not designed to be synchronized with other systems; which imposes operational and administrative time to transfer data between different software. The time spent entering data is counterproductive and leaves room for error, which can be eliminated using custom software designed to interconnect the data generated by commercial software.

Interesting statistics for manufacturing companies:

  • Scenario: After the implementation of custom software, a process that took an average of 17 hours for an employee to complete was brought down to 15 minutes;
  • Result: 4096% productivity improvement;
  • Return on investment: The custom software solution became profitable in less than a year.

As a result, this customer quickly realized that his custom software solution was a viable investment, as it relieved his workload and intervention of his staff.

The possibilities are infinite with custom software

Indeed, the possibilities inherent to the integration of custom software solutions are infinite. When a company is questioning the relevance of a project relating to the optimization of its procedures, the potential of custom software solutions no longer need to be demonstrated. Companies that have adopted this solution will confirm.

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