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Optimize Your Team’s Communication with Berrycast

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In an era when remote working, and especially mobile working, has become the norm, organizations are all working to find the best ways to keep their team members connected at all times. In response to this new way of working, there are a wide variety of collaborative tools on the market. A quick web search shows a long list of simple, practical tools with essential features that allow employees to collaborate as smoothly as possible.

Some of these tools stand out for the variety of features they offer, and they are market leaders: in particular, this includes Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, Google Workplace, Berrycast, etc. Each of these tools has its own approach to interactions between collaborators. This means that even by adding a variety of practical features, none of these solutions alone can meet all of their users’ requirements.

There are some less commonly known solutions on the market that are designed to meet specific needs in a simple and efficient way. Berrycast was designed from this perspective: to facilitate interactions and shared information between collaborators in a more efficient and organized way, by offering a platform for quick video creation by recording your screen, and through your camera and microphone.


Berrycast’s Philosophy


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Or precisely 1.8 million, according to the report from Forrester.


Traditionally, information has been exchanged textually (chat, email, SMS, etc.). Berrycast offers a more visual and animated approach for the same results, or even better. All of this done more naturally, effectively and quickly.

Have you wasted hours of your time on an unending back-and-forth email or chat thread to explain a simple idea: a design proposal, or corrections to be made? Or maybe you can’t figure out how to explain to your colleagues how to use a new tool in just a few sentences. All teams run into hundreds of issues like this at work, but the root cause is the same: sharing information is sometimes difficult (and it goes wrong more often than you might think). And yet, in every company, sharing information is essential to keep operations running smoothly.


How does Berrycast work?

From design to development, user-friendliness was the name of the game. This makes it easy to adopt and apply to simple tasks that are generally fairly time-consuming: exchanging information.

To use Berrycast, you just open the app, start recording your screen, microphone or camera (or all three at the same time). Once you’ve finished recording, you can share the link generated for your video: it’s that simple. Then, the people who received your video can reply with another Berrycast (which will be added to the conversation thread for follow-up), or add a comment under the video.


Easy communication to boost your team’s productivity

It’s so simple and practical to communicate using a video rather than explaining things over email or other textual media. And more than just simple, it’s a lot quicker. With Berrycast, boost your productivity by improving how you communicate internally. Imagine how much time you will save with videos precisely describing the important points you want to share.


The features

Since the app is in active development, more and more features will be added over time to provide you with additional ways to personalize your videos, beyond the basic features currently on the app. So don’t hesitate to use Berrycast now and tell us your thoughts so that the Berrycast team can quickly turn your suggestions into new features.


Some examples of use

You get the idea: if you need a quick and easy tool for creating videos while explaining something, Berrycast is for you. But if you’re still wondering how it could be used, here are a few examples:


  • Short video tutorials: record your instructions on video to share them with your colleague. And as a bonus, you can just share the link to your video with several of your colleagues to avoid repetition.


  • Talk about your design idea: record your screen to show the essential points you want to cover in a visual and direct manner, to save you from the frustration of being misunderstood.


  • Customer service: create screen recordings to send to customers who use your product. What better than a video that answers all of your customers’ questions about how to use your super software, for example?


  • Feedback: it’s so much easier to clearly explain the bugs you found to your developer colleagues in order to guide them to the right place, and lots of other implications that will allow you to better communicate.


This list is far from exhaustive: it provides just a small snapshot of everything Barrycast could do for you. Depending on your needs, the possibilities are endless!


Berrycast Positioning


Maybe you’re wondering if Berrycast is just another collaboration tool like Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Slack. Since they do serve some similar functions, it’s easy to get that impression. Well, think again: Berrycast is a whole different ballgame. To understand the added value Berrycast brings compared to other tools, we will define what Berrycast is not.


What Berrycast is not

Berrycast Is not a Videoconferencing Tool

openmind - videoconferenceUnlike what you might think, Berrycast is not designed for videoconferencing. The goal is not to share live video with other people – it’s the opposite. With Berrycast, you first record your message, and then share it to your recipients afterwards. Then, they can watch your pre-recorded message at a time convenient to them, and can give you their feedback if they wish.


Berrycast Is not an Instant Messaging Tool

openmind - chatBerrycast is also not intended to serve as an instant messenger. Of course, people can always send messages to each other after a video has been shared, but there are already excellent tools for this, and Berrycast is not designed to replace them.


Berrycast Is not for File Sharing or Storage

openmind - cloudAnother source of confusion: Berrycast is not made to store or share files between people. The app’s video sharing is primarily designed for sharing ideas and information.

In sum, Berrycast is designed as an alternative to text communications, which are not always the most effective way to give instructions, describe problems or share information. Sometimes it’s easier to just show someone your screen, but since distance is a factor, recording your screen is a better way to do it: and Berrycast is here to help.

Use Berrycast Alongside Other Collaborative Tools

Yes, that’s the greatest strength of Berrycast: it’s a simple and practical tool you can use alongside your other favourite tools to more effectively support your organization’s interactions. And in an era when using multiple platforms concurrently has become standard, why deprive your business of the advantages and added value of each tool? You may already be using a similar tool, but Berrycast will help boost your team’s productivity all the more.