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Labor shortage: how to do more with less

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With the labor shortage in Quebec continuing to be felt, some companies are complaining that they could produce more if they could find more skilled workers. While this shortage is not an ideal situation, it is not a fatality either. You must understand that working more is not the only option to increase production. The key is to do it intelligently and plan well for the allocation of the resources you have.

To do this, you must prioritize staff retention, starting with the creation of an environment conducive to their development.


Retaining employees: the first step to alleviate the current labor shortage

Finding a new collaborator is a time consuming and costly process, and in times of labor shortages, this cost increases. Your business cannot afford to devote resources to this level, let alone in these difficult times. Instead, you should focus on ways to keep your current workforce.

In general, keeping an employee will cost you less than hiring a new person. You therefore have more interest in retaining your current employees, because losing them will put you in an uncomfortable situation. Thus, if you cannot recruit, you will be asked to develop strategies adapted to the retention of your employees in order to remain competitive. In parallel, you will have to set up an appropriate structure to be as productive as with a larger workforce. This will be possible by implementing the automation of your manual and semi-manual processes, and only then, will you be able to do much more with much less.


Optimize the resources at your disposal by automation

According to a McKinsey study, about half of the activities for which people are paid have the potential to be automated using the technologies currently available. Imagine the substantial gains you will get if you can automate half of your business. Naturally, the first thing you would think about would be a gain in productivity and efficiency, and you’re absolutely right!

Automating your business processes will give you significant advantages that will allow you to stand out and stay ahead of the competition. The interests are multiple and not limited to the operational level, because the usefulness of automation is part of a broader register within your company: the management and optimization of the resources you have at your disposal.

If knowing how to optimize your resources is important in normal times, this has become essential because of the shortage of workers that exists at the moment. And if you have to deal with a limited workforce, you might as well use it optimally. Automating your business processes will help you with that.


How to maintain a qualified workforce through automation?

More than wages and benefits, the best workers are interested in other factors such as recognition, challenges, autonomy, and the feeling of being part of something bigger than themselves: a team with values.

Contrary to popular belief, automation is not intended to replace workers, but rather to support them daily in their mission. In fact, automation redefines work in a more interesting way and is an attractive option for good workers.

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Free your team from repetitive and tedious tasks

Admittedly, in our work, there are tasks that we like to do, and other recurring and tedious tasks that we do not. However, these tasks can take a long time to complete. Time that should be allocated to more important tasks. This is true for us, and it is also true for our employees.

By freeing your team from repetitive and time-consuming tasks, you give them the opportunity to allocate their time and effort to more rewarding missions. This is the first benefit for the employee: you will give them the opportunity to take on more stimulating and meaningful responsibilities. Consequently, this may stimulate motivation in the face of new functions.

Maintain the motivation and involvement of your team

Your team’s motivation and involvement will be all the greater because they will be proud of their work. With automation, you will maximize the engagement of each of your employees and help them flourish in their work. Indeed, by freeing them from unrewarding tasks, you can demonstrate that you value individual contributions and want to give workers more time to make significant contributions.


Create a work environment conducive to the development of your team by automating your processes

With the current labor shortage, it is more important than ever to succeed in retaining the workforce and keeping them motivated. With business process automation, you will be doubly successful in that you will be able to overcome the current labor shortage, and will be able to exploit the best from a committed team. This will increase productivity; and in other words allow you to do a lot more with a lot less.

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