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4 technological weapons that are essential to take advantage of the economic recovery

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Over the past few weeks, we have been slowly moving towards a economic recovery. No doubt, the next few months will be quite difficult, but the time has come to seriously question ourselves and to take advantage of the COVID experience in order to get this recovery off to a good start.

Whether you are ready or not, the recovery is fast approaching and only those who are well prepared will be able to take advantage of this period to stand out. It is imperative that you put all your assets on your side and adopt solutions that will put your company in the best possible position for the recovery.

In this article, we suggest different approaches that you should consider in order to hope to emerge stronger from this crisis and even prosper.


The 4 weapons you need to have to take advantage of the recovery

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#1 A virtualized infrastructure for increased performance

Setting up a virtualized infrastructure is a solution that consists of outsourcing the hosting of your company data in one or more virtual servers. It is a solution that is increasingly adopted because it is accessible to all types of businesses: small, medium or large. By migrating your data to virtual servers, you will be able to make significant savings while optimizing your operations.

Streamlined costs

At a time when optimizing your investment is critical, virtualizing your infrastructure will save you money by eliminating the costs of managing physical servers, as well as the losses caused by hardware failures, etc. By entrusting the migration of your data and the management of your virtual infrastructure to an external team, you no longer have to worry about its maintenance, which further reduces the operating costs of your servers.

Scalability and modernity

The biggest advantage of an outsourced hosting of your data is that you have a scalable environment that you can adapt perfectly to the needs of your company. In addition, you will have a modern infrastructure without having to worry about upgrades yourself. During the recovery, this will allow you to adapt quickly in case an opportunity arises that requires an adjustment of your infrastructure.

Performance and resilience

Now more than ever, having an infrastructure that can support your business on an ongoing basis is paramount, as your ability to bounce back during the recovery will depend on it. A virtualized infrastructure will guarantee optimal performance and a system that is resilient to the various technical concerns that could hinder the continuity of your activities.

#2 Automated business processes for better productivity

Optimizing available resources is the daily challenge of every company and automating your manual and semi-manual processes can help you meet it. It can even be said that in these difficult times, automating business processes is a necessity, as you will gain in operational efficiency, and this will allow your company to remain competitive.

Reducing operational costs

Opting for the optimization of your operational processes will allow you to achieve savings on several levels. In fact, automating will help you generate significant savings because it will allow you to eliminate errors and reduce the resources required to perform a given task: the time and personnel allocated to its execution.

Increased productivity and profitability

With an automated system, you delegate a given task to a software program that will perform it accurately and efficiently whenever you need it. This allows you to focus on recovery by assigning other tasks to your staff and reorganizing the time they have available.

Satisfied and productive employees

It must be admitted that the last few months have been very trying for your company, but also for your employees. If during the COVID crisis, you have supported your team (your company’s main asset), you should not stop, but keep up the momentum. Your employees will be the first to benefit from an automated environment that is conducive to their development. The more they thrive, the more engaged and productive they will be, which in turn will benefit your company.

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#3 Customized tools to be more efficient

Your business is unique, so are the processes that run it: it’s time to consider customized solutions. How effectively you meet the challenges of economic recovery will depend directly on the tools you have at your disposal. So put your assets on your side by equipping yourself with the tools that will effectively support you in your daily operations.

More automated processes

As these tools will be specifically designed for your company, you will have the possibility to implement a centralized process that will eliminate all the steps that are still manual or semi-manual within your company. Thus, you will be able to gain in performance and efficiency in the realization of your daily missions.

Significant competitive advantage

While others settle for generic solutions that only limit them, you, for your part, will break free from these same limits and widen the gap with your competitors.

Know how to adapt and seize opportunities

The COVID crisis has set a new normal for everyone and adapting to this new reality will be critical for your business. By opting for customization, you will be able to follow and adapt easily. In addition, you will also be able to gain market share by seizing opportunities and taking advantage of the void left by those who are ill-prepared.

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# 4 Integrate Business Intelligence to make better decisions

Business Intelligence (BI) is defined as the set of technologies, processes and tools designed to extract actionable knowledge from raw data to support better decision-making in companies. We can well imagine that during the recovery of the next few months, you will have to make various decisions that will impact the future of your company. Having key information at your disposal that will be the basis of all your strategic decisions will then be essential.

Faster and more accurate reporting and analysis

With BI, you’ll have a view of all the important aspects of your business, which is a great advantage, especially at a time when managing uncertainty is a daily challenge. You’ll be able to leverage the data you have at your disposal to derive actionable information for making important decisions.

Enhanced operational performance

BI will help you monitor the smooth running of your business through the implementation of dashboards and quality reports. Indeed, tracking the right KPIs will help you identify areas and processes that need to be improved in your business. This will help optimize your resources and increase your productivity.

Identify risks and opportunities

In addition to the internal workings of your business, BI will also help you in the rapid identification and quantification of risks and opportunities that will arise. You will then have all the important information you need to make the best decisions for your business.


It’s time to act

Just as during the weeks of crisis we went through, the recovery will no doubt also bring us its share of uncertainties, challenges and opportunities. Make the right choice and adopt the solutions that will help you negotiate the recovery.

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