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Openmind Technologies Receives   BonBoss Certification

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Bonboss_Jonathan has certified that Openmind Technologies has a good boss. This organization, specializing in industrial relations, judges company leaders based on these main characteristics: listening, sharing, equity and inspiration.

Since he founded Openmind Technologies, Jonathan Léveillé has focused on interpersonal relationships as key to his company’s success. Both with customers and team members, he understands the value of equitable relationships.

Looking at the characteristics singled out by, we asked a few of our team members why they would call Jonathan a good boss.



From my very first day at Openmind, I felt comfortable telling him what I thought. I always feel like he listens without judgement. I can tell that my well-being is really taken on board, and that’s why I feel really confident expressing my vision about a given context. No matter the situation, I know that the door is always wide open.”

Mélissa, Developer,
Proud Openmind player since 2014


“As an Openmind team member, I appreciate that Jonathan is transparent with us. He shares information about the company’s results and challenges, which definitely helps me feel more invested. I feel more involved in reaching the organization’s objectives, and I understand why my role, and the roles of my colleagues, are key to Openmind’s success. ”

Vincent, Developer
Proud Openmind player since 2017


“We each have our strengths and weaknesses, and Jonathan encourages us to share information on a daily basis, which builds strength and unity. On a personal level, he has always encouraged me to develop new skills by sharing his own knowledge or by trusting me to handle new projects. This has enabled me to grow personally and professionally.”

Elsie, Administrative Assistant
Proud Openmind player since 2017


“Beyond just providing tools, a real leader inspires with their positive attitude, human qualities and ability to win people’s trust, leading them to achieve their full potential. As a product manager, I see these characteristics reflected in the way my recommendations are taken into account and applied in the projects I work on.”

Jonathan T, Product Manager for Hidden Place and Berry Cast
Fier joueur chez Openmind depuis 2015


To learn more about our good boss Jonathan Léveillé, check out this video clip.

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