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Openmind Technologies Is Making a Significant Acquisition

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The Openmind team is proud to announce that they are acquiring Les Solutions Devco with all of its assets. Founded in 2010, this company primarily specializes in developing custom software and apps for companies and organizations.

Over the last several years, Openmind’s management has looked into building a greater market share through the acquisition of companies; for Openmind, this type of investment is about more than just numbers and growth opportunities.

Openmind Technologies - Devco

Cultural Fit Above All Else

As a company, Openmind has always placed human values at the forefront of its professional activities. Even after meeting with a handful of different companies over the last several months, the Openmind management team remained focused on finding a good managerial fit with the companies in question.

“Business acquisition has always been a part of our growth strategy. But it’s important for us to make sure the companies we’re looking at match Openmind’s culture and vision. Les Solutions Devco was the best fit for our values, and their direction is best aligned with fostering post-acquisition synergy,” explains Jonathan Léveillé, Openmind President.


An Acquisition About More Than Just Numbers

This transaction is a great growth opportunity for Openmind Technologies. In terms of expertise, this transaction provides Openmind with more freedom to develop projects: a programming language primarily used to develop custom software for businesses.

Les Solutions Devco’s customers will be glad to know that Openmind will continue to work on programming and maintaining their custom software. In addition, this transaction will give them access to an array of additional IT services for managing their IT infrastructure.

“We are very excited about this acquisition, because it simplifies project management and planning for current and future large-scale projects. Adding new, experienced team members will definitely help support our growth.” explained Jessica Degrève, Business Development Director at Openmind.

Openmind Technologies - Devco03

The Importance of Keeping All Jobs

The management team felt it was important to protect all of the jobs affected by the transaction.  Since this acquisition may be a source of uncertainty for these new Openmind team members, the transaction really needed to go smoothly.

“Before making the acquisition official, we wanted to make sure that these new team members would not feel rattled by the changes. But we also wanted them to feel like they were quickly a part of our team,” said Mathieu Mérineau, Web Production Coordinator.

Openmind Technologies - Devco

Openmind Technologies: A Company With Big Ambitions

We should note that Openmind Technologies has maintained the pace it set for itself: to hire two hundred team members between now and 2023. Today, this team has over fifty members, and expects to reach seventy employees by 2020. These forecasts have led Openmind to move on to phase two of its office expansion plan, which will provide enough space for up to a hundred team members.  A more than impressive path for this company, which had only twelve employees less than five years ago.