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Openmind Ranks in the Profit 500 for the Second Year Running

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Everyone in the business community knows of the PROFIT 500, an annual ranking of the fastest-growing companies in Canada. It is with immense pride that Openmind has met its 2017-2018 objectives, earning a ranking of 246 in the Profit 500 for a second consecutive year.

The results of inclusive, transparent management

Aware that every team member plays a highly important role in the success and results of the organization, directors have banked on an inclusive management style.

“Sharing Openmind’s strategic objectives with the whole team ensures that everyone is aware of and understands their role within the organization.  Every player on the Openmind team feels more invested in reaching the company’s objectives, because together we can program success.”

-Jonathan Léveillé, President and Founder of Openmind

WEB and IT expertise for innovative companies

Openmind guessed right when it came to their WEB and IT service offering: these are two types of expertise that influence and complement a company’s operations.

Openmind creates software solutions for apps, transaction processing and mobile devices such as: business process automation, 100% custom app development, mobile app development, e-commerce platform creation and optimization. These form the core of company growth strategies.

The company also stands out for its IT expertise, with its helpdesk that fully oversees companies’ IT inventories: IT architecture and evolution strategy, disaster recovery plan, maintenance and preventive monitoring, as well as user support.

An SME that thinks big

Openmind is really on a roll. The company, founded over thirteen years ago, now employs around forty people. Its growth plan, spread out over the next 10 years, aims to expand the company to 50 jobs by the end of 2018, and to reach a milestone 200 jobs in the technology sector by 2023.

This remarkable growth is achievable thanks to the company’s primary services, but also following the integration of its new innovative digital products helpdesk founded by its think tank: Openlab. The purpose of the think tank is to globally market the company’s technology products, designed to boost the operational excellence of modern companies. Their positioning within this changing market confirms that Openmind is a promising benchmark company within the technology industry.


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