Certifié BonBoss

Neoconnect portal development

Our client

Year of achievement : 2019

This world-class analysis and certification laboratory supports its clients in the development and marketing of their pharmaceutical products. In order to simplify their process and thus provide better service, Neopharm Labs was looking for a solution that would provide their customers with access to the status of their analysis requests in real time. Not only did the web portal, developed by our team, allow this client to reduce their customer service department workload, this technological tool also allowed them to offer better autonomy to their clients to obtain information relating to their requests for analyzes and certifications.

Services offered

  • Web application development
  • Hosting and real-time monitoring
  • Creation of a personalized report
  • Functional models development
  • Technical support


We are very satisfied with the level of expertise provided by Openmind’s consultants, both in terms of technical or functional advice and in the execution of the mandates entrusted. Charles Grubsztajn / Chief Operating Officer, Neopharm Labs

Charles Grubsztajn

Chief Operating Officer, Neopharm Labs